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Saber as a participating contractor for Earthquake Brace+Bolt Program

The Earthquake Brace+Bolt Program, allows for funds to strengthen your foundation against earthquake damage. Saber is a participating contractor for the program and can assist you in all your seismic retrofitting needs.

Escondido, CA - January 20, 2015



Saber does Seismic Retrofitting and we are a participating contractor in this program.  Please visit the following websites to find out more about retrofitting and the program specifics:
We are a Simpson installer and have been trained by Simpson at their facilities.
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Earthquake Brace & Bolt Program
Are you worried about the damage that earthquakes could cause to your property?  If a major earthquake happened today, would your home stay on its foundation?
Ask yourself, would you be willing to make simple retrofits to strengthen your home and potentially protect it from earthquake damage?
The Earthquake Brace + Bolt program provides homeowners up to $3,000 to strengthen your homes foundation and lessen the effects of earthquake damage.  A typical retrofit can cost between $2,000 and $10,000, so having this incentive is well worth it to protect you investment. 
The following is a list of homes that typically meet the state building code retrofit criteria:
* constructed before 1979
* built on a level or low slope site
* constructed with a four-foot (or less) cripple wall under the first floor
* have a raised foundation 
Homeowners must complete the qualification questionnaire answering questions about their homes and agree to the terms of the program to be considered for participation in this program.
There are several locations in Northern and Southern California that will be included in this program.  These areas were selected because they have a high concentration of homes that meet the certain state building code retrofit criteria for existing single-family buildings. 
As of January 15, 2015 houses must be located in the following ZIP codes to be eligible for participation in this program.
                Oakland:     San Francisco:     San Leandro:     
                94618         94132                 94579               
                94610         94127                 94578               
                94609         94121                 94577               
                94607         94112                                         
                Los Angeles:     Pasadena:     Santa Monica:
                90065              91107           90404
                90042              91106           90401
                90041              91105
                90039              91104
                90031              91103
                90026              91101

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