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Saber Foundation Repair is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in North Park. Learn more about Saber Foundation Repair's recent work requests in North Park and nearby areas!

Learn more about Saber Foundation's recent work requests in North Park, CA
Vicinity of Kalmia St in San Diego
Looking for estimate on straightening some foundation posts and a hole recently found in one area of foundation.
Vicinity of Boundary Street in San Diego
Property has 2 houses on 1 lot; sewer line runs from front house through back house to alley (straight run). Had sewer line replaced and they cut through the concrete perimeter foundation walls of both houses to connect the new plastic line to the existing cast iron lines under each house (crawl spaces for both - houses have pier & posts). Unfortunately they sealed both with foam instead of concrete which lets water through (which meant flooding, with the recent el Nino rains several weeks ago). Need to have both walls sealed up correctly around the sewer pipe so water doesn't go through. I'd also be open to a foundation inspection too to ensure I have no major problems - there was some sort of water leak in the area exacerbated by the El Nino rains so I have effluorescence. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
Vicinity of Swift Ave in San Diego
Cracked stucco vertical and horizontal around perimeter of home and inside ceilings and walls cracking
Vicinity of Herman in San Diego
My house is settling and has cracks in the foundation.
Vicinity of Alabama St in San Diego
Concrete walkway may have sunk, definitely has sink hole below that may be contributing to misaligned gate.
Vicinity of Bancroft Street in San Diego
Moisure probably under house, currently standing water after El Nino rains. Secondary problem is concrete in garage cracked and needing repair, replacement.
Vicinity of Felton Street in San Diego
Water leak from foundation in Garage
Vicinity of North Park Way in San Diego
We have a commercial space approximately 3000Sf that we need grinded down about 1/4". Would like a price for this. Thank you
Vicinity of McKinlet St in San Diego
80-yr old garage concrete floor has severe cracks and as much as 2-inch slab sticking up in major pathway to laundry equipment.
Vicinity of in San Diego
Our rental property has cracks in the concrete, on interior and exterior of building, and on stairs. Also the upper floor is uneven. We want to know if a bad foundation is causing the problems.
Vicinity of Dale St in San Diego
I think I have a setteling foundation. My house was built in 1913. It is two stories and exterior walls are hollow clay blocks. I am currently getting soil samples taken and would be iteresed in getting a quote for eliminating the setteling and hopefully reversing the settled areas. Thank you
Vicinity of Bancroft in San Diego
House is not plumb with house.
Vicinity of in San Diego
Water seapage
Vicinity of Louisiana St in San Diego
We have a section of walkway that has lifted and needs to leveled.
Vicinity of in San Diego
Post and piers need repair
Vicinity of Swift Avenue in San Diego
I would like to have the concrete walkways, pool deck, steps and driveways repaired and or replaced as necessary.
Vicinity of Wabash Ave in San Diego
We have a small area, approx 3 ft wide by 6 ft long that holds water after a rain. I take a broom to it after each rain to get the water away. big problem is that the low area holding the water is right in the walking path to get into the condo complex.
Vicinity of Haller in San Diego
Looking for sidewalk grinding throughout HOA community.
Vicinity of Mississippi in San Diego
Settling concrete in driveway I am needing a quote for your services
Vicinity of Felton St in San Diego
House built in 1952; 850 sq ft on top but larger since garage and basement below. Has large crawl space. Looks like 1 story from street, but master br is above garage and LR/kitchen above finished basement. Concerned about movement we felt with San Diego's 7.0 quake easter 2010. So would like a retrofit quote/estimate.
Vicinity of Felton Street in San Diego
Cut section out of backyard pad and replaced plumbing line and re-poured concrete over and it has sunk 1" - 1 1/3". 20 feet long 18" wide.
Vicinity of Hawthorn Street in San Diego
Cracks in my driveway leading to my garage.
Vicinity of Pentuckett Avenue in San Diego
Purchased old house (1927) and detached garage has cracked and slightly sunken floor. Floor is not attached to support walls. Structural engineers said during property evaluation at time of sale that soils were stable and floor probably only needed to be demo'ed, filled, compacted and a new slab poured.
Vicinity of Granada Av. in San Diego
The property is in escrow and home inspection found out that foundation needs to be checked by an expert. It may be in bad shape.
Vicinity of Ivy St in San Diego
Concrete foundation is flaking around the edges, drywall cracks in some areas inside the house.

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