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Eliminating Trip Hazards in San Bernardino

Eliminating Trip Hazards in San Bernardino

Before After
Eliminating Trip Hazards in San Bernardino Eliminating Trip Hazards in San Bernardino

The Before Picture shows a sidewalk that is buckling because of tree roots.

The After Picture shows the something else that Saber does. Our crew dug up, and disposed of the concrete, where the buckling was occurring. Then we cut off, dug out, and disposed of the roots. Last of all we poured new concrete to eliminate the trip hazard.

Smart Jacks in San Bernardino Fix Sagging Floors

Smart Jacks in San Bernardino Fix Sagging Floors

Before After
Smart Jacks in San Bernardino Fix Sagging Floors Smart Jacks in San Bernardino Fix Sagging Floors

The Before picture is the home's crawlspace, without any support posts.

The After Picture shows the Same Crawlspace, with a Steel I Beam, All Metal Smart Jacks with Rock Bases added. The Floors, of this home, now have a consistent elevation.

Company Awards
Cleaning and Drying Out a Crawlspace in San Diego
Saber created Drainage for a San Diego Home with Standing Water Issues. A CleanSpace was also created, in the Crawlspace... [Read more]
Saber Recognized as 10th Top Foundation Dealer in Supportworks Network
Saber was ranked 10th of Top 75 Foundation Dealers in the Supportworks network at the Redefine 2018 conference in Omaha,... [Read more]
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Expert Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Services in San Bernardino, CA

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San Bernardino, CA commercial foundation repair & concrete leveling experts

Saber Foundation Repair has been providing durable, long-lasting, and trusted commercial foundation repair and concrete leveling in San Bernardino, CA since 2001.

Whether you need tough foundation pier systems, a long-lasting concrete leveling solution, or crawl space support jacks, we have the commercial repair solutions that will better serve your project!

Supportworks guarantee

Supportworks is an international foundation repair network comprised of more than 300 independently owned and operated dealerships. As a trusted Supportworks dealer, Saber Foundation Repair offers only the best commercial foundation repair and concrete repair solutions that are proven effective!

Our commercial services include:

  • Helical Piles/Helix Piers
  • Helical/Tieback Anchors
  • Push Pier/Underpinning Systems
  • Crawl Space Jacks
  • Commercial Concrete Leveling
  • Commercial PolyLevel
  • Sidewalk & Driveway Leveling
  • Airport & Train Track Repair
  • Void Filling & Erosion Control
  • And more!

Commercial foundation repair experts

Damage to a foundation has a major impact on a building's safety and value. Foundation problems only worsen over time, which is why it's important to address them as soon as you see the issue. We offer foundation repair services for all of the following:

  • Cracked walls and floors
  • Bowing or buckling walls
  • Uneven concrete floors
  • Earthquake retrofitting
  • Seawall repair
  • Foundation settlement

We use products such as foundation piers and wall anchors to provide long-lasting repair solutions. Our experts will carefully evaluate any issue and recommend the best products to stabilize your foundation and restore your property's safety and value.

stress-free & mess-free commercial concrete leveling 

An uneven or cracked sidewalk, warehouse floor, driveway, highway, or patio is an eyesore for any property, and it can create problems such as tripping hazards or even reduced value. At Saber Foundation Repair, we repair damaged concrete surfaces using PolyLevel, an polyurethane foam that is injected under the slab to raise and level the surface. This proven method provides a more accurate and longer lasting lift than traditional concrete repair methods, ensuring your commercial property functions and looks its best.

If you're interested in any of our commercial foundation repair or concrete leveling, call us today to get started.

Case Studies From San Bernardino
Room Addition is seperating from the Original Home. Voids have Formed under the Addition.
Tree roots are causing sidewalks to buckle.
Sagging and Tilting Floors. Support Posts getting ready to Slide off of their bases.
Job Stories From San Bernardino, CA
Saber Fixes Sagging Floors in San Bernardino

San Bernardino resident Eileen S. contacted Saber regarding sagging floors in her home. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a Free Homeowner Inspection. We discovered that the Wood Support Posts in Eileen's home were sliding off of their concrete bases, due to age, and years of earthquakes in Southern California.

Saber's crew reinforeced the Wood Floor Joists, with Steel I beams. Them we installed All Metal Smart Jacks with Gravel Bases.  The Smart Jacks were then Pressurized, which lifted Eileen's floor back to a consistent elevation.

Eileen is pleased with the results, and happy with the clean up, when our crew finished the job.

Saber Fixes Sagging Floors in San Bernardino - Photo 1
Seismic Retrofitting a Older Home in San Bernardino

San Bernardino resident Jorge G. contacted Saber regarding earthquake preparedness on his older home. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a thorough inspection on Jorge's home. The attached picture is the Crawlspace before the Seizmic Retrofitting Components were installed.

Saber's crew attached Universal Foundation Plates, A35 Framing Angles, and Post Caps. These components combined to greatly strengthen Jorge's Home to it's Foundation.

Raising Slabs and Walkways using PolyLEVELâ„¢

A homeowner in Desert Hot Springs, had noticed several areas around the property that the walkways had become uneven and cause concern to the homeowner due to the fact that the uneven walkways could result in a trip hazard, which could be a hassle for the homeowner in the long run.  The settlement of the slabs and walkways was mostly due to the soils located beneath the foundation, which had settled and caused voids to form in which the slabs began to sink and the walkways became compromised.   The homeowner knew it was time to find a fix for the issue, before the damage became worse.  The homeowner called Saber and set an appointment for a Design Specialist to come out and evaluate the property.  The Design Specialist proposed that the slabs and walkways be lifted and raised using PolyLEVEL™.  The homeowner was pleased with the proposal and was ready to get started on the project.  The crew from Saber was scheduled to come out and repair the foundation.  The crew began by coring penny sized holes in the slabs in the areas that would be lifted and stabilized.  The PolyLEVEL™ was then injected into the holes and the slab began to rise and level.  The whole process was rather quick and the cure time was just minutes, much less then the time it would have taken had the homeowner chosen to replace the sinking slabs. 

Work Requests From San Bernardino, CA
Vicinity of W. Edgehill Road in San Bernardino
Deck is sinking at pool, around the skimmer area
Vicinity of in San Bernardino
I have a exterior concrete slab behind my garage that is slanted. The concrete slab is 11.9 ft wide X 28 ft
Vicinity of N Sierra Way in San Bernardino
I'm interested in obtaining a quote from you for a seismic retrofit on a single story residential dwelling with crawl space.
Vicinity of San Bernardino in San Bernardino
Comment: Service Poly
Vicinity of in San Bernardino
Comment: Service FSI
Vicinity of Genevieve St. in San Bernardino
Driveway has cracks/lifting. Needs to be repaired
Vicinity of Shady Glen Lane in San Bernardino
Comment: Service Poly
Vicinity of N Sierra Way in San Bernardino
Foundation repair
Vicinity of E. Cooley Avenue in San Bernardino
House built in 1950, uneven floor from east to west . Appears the east side of house is slightly higher than west side. Please contact me by phone
Vicinity of North E Street in San Bernardino
Need an estimate on a Foundation
Vicinity of N Pershing Ave in San Bernardino
I'm selling this property. Inspection reflects cracked foundation wall more than typical . Needs to be repaired. House is on a raised foundation. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks
Vicinity of W Congress in San Bernardino
Need stronger support for foundation crawlspace; needs reinforcement. Currently being held up by concrete bricks.
Vicinity of in San Bernardino
My house is over 100 years old and want to make sure my family will be ok if an earthquake
Vicinity of Genevieve in San Bernardino
I am currently in escrow with a property that has dry rot and mold in the crawl space. I would like to know how much repairs would be and what can be done regarding crawl space.
Vicinity of Grande Vista in San Bernardino
The foundation of the house is not stable. we just bought the house and this was suppose to be fixed before closing of escrow
Vicinity of W Highland Ave in San Bernardino
Hair salon. I ripped out the tile because a large portion of tile lifted.. Soon it began to crack. Then brake, so I ripped it out. It is so Unlevel and ugly I need it fixed soon.
Vicinity of N Stoddard in San Bernardino
Driveway entrance is to low every time I enter or exit the driveway the front part of our cars scrached everytime
Vicinity of Sheridan Road in San Bernardino
Front porch outside corner has dropped. Needs to be lifted up.
Vicinity of N D St in San Bernardino
I would like to schedule a time for an estimate on having my home brace and bolted. Thank you.
Vicinity of East Cooley Ave. in San Bernardino
There is a 4'-0" long X 2'-0" wide hole in cement (tilt-up) wall that's starts about 18'-0" moving up to about 22'0". It is located just under a truss. This is a production facility in San Bernardino, Ca. If possible, I would like to get an estimate right away. Thanks
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