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Saber Foundation Repair BBB accreditedSaber Foundation Repair Accreditations & Affiliations
Saber Foundation Repair Accreditations & Affiliations
Saber Foundation Repair Accreditations & Affiliations Saber Foundation Repair Repair Affiliates
Recent Testimonials
  • "The job was done fast , it was done professionally, it was clean, they didn't cut any corners and that is..." Read Full Testimonial

    Raul E. of Pasadena, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              Raul E.'s home in Pasadena, CA had cracks in the foundation, and Raul's bedroom was tilting, so he started to look online for a company to fix the problem. He decided to call Saber due to the great reviews he saw about the company, and he is happy with his choice."The job was done fast , it was done professionally, it was clean, they didn't cut any corners and that is what I like", explains Raul.
    Raul E.
    Pasadena, CA
  • "Their people know what they are doing and they guarantee their work. They will stand by it." Read Full Testimonial

    Renee B. of Chino Hills, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              Four years ago, Renee noticed some soil erosion around her home in Chino Hills, CA and called us for help. Saber used the PolyLevel™ concrete lifting system to fill the voids and stop the soil from being washed out from underneath the concrete in the affected area. She was very happy with the results. So happy that when a crack appear in the middle of the floor, and the entire front of the house began to sink, she called us again. This time the problem was a but more serious than sinking concrete. The foundation itself need to lifted and stabilized. That was accomplished with our state-of-the-art foundation underpinning system, designed to restore the structural integrity of foundations by supporting it with steel piles, driven into the ground past the problem soil area and down to a strata that can safely support the weight of the house on the long run. In this video Renee speaks about the entire experience she had with Saber. "Their people know what they are doing and they guarantee their work. They will stand by it", says Renee.
    Renee B.
    Chino Hills, CA
  • "I wanna make sure that whoever I recommend they are gonna come back and say 'thanks for the recommendation,..." Read Full Testimonial

    Xian Ying & Karl of Chino Hills, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              Xian Ying and Karl live in an area of Chino Hills, CA where expansive soils are very prevalent. They were warned about it when they bought their home, but they only realized how bad it was when they actually moved in. Expansive soils swell when they are wet, and shrink during dry periods. That kind of constant soil movement exerts an enormous pressure on foundations that are supported by it. Overtime, floors start to crack, sink or heave, windows and doors begin to stick, and foundation walls may bow or crumble. em, they decided that Saber Foundation was the right one for the job. In this video they talk about the experience with the crew and company. Would they recommend us to their friends? "I wanna make sure that whoever I recommend they are gonna come back and say 'thanks for the recommendation, Karl!'. With Saber I can confidently say that", says Karl.
    Xian Ying & Karl
    Chino Hills, CA
  • "We enjoyed working with Pete and his crew. They were awesome and very professional. It was a real pleasure." Read Full Testimonial

    Anna E. of Berkeley, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              We enjoyed working with Pete and his crew. They were awesome and very professional. It was a real pleasure. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with your company. If you are ever in our area again, please give us a call.
    Anna E.
    Berkeley, CA
  • "I just have to say your guys are AMAZING!!!" Read Full Testimonial

    Ana P. of Rolling Hills Estates, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              I just have to say your guys are AMAZING!!! They work really hard, no chit chat, do their job, clean up each day and stack and prepare everything on Thursday ready to start work on Monday. Not only my neighbors have noticed but even people that do their daily walk in the neighborhood have all sung their praises to me.
    Ana P.
    Rolling Hills Estates, CA
  • "Very Knowledgeable!" Read Full Testimonial

    Carlene S. of Dana, Point, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              Mark was very knowledgeable and helpful!
    Carlene S.
    Dana, Point, CA
  • "Excellent work!" Read Full Testimonial

    Roy of Carmel Mountain, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              Excellent from start to finish! Office, staff, Crew, project outcome, cleanliness. Excellent overall experience with Saber!
    Carmel Mountain, CA
  • "Very Impressed!" Read Full Testimonial

    Ann H. of Ocean Beach, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              I was very impressed with Mark Cook's Inspection! I truely do not see how you can improve! Everyone went above and beyond. The guys that did the work were great and tireless workers. Thank you!
    Ann H.
    Ocean Beach, CA
  • "Very Impressed with Trevar!" Read Full Testimonial

    Mr H. of Mira Mesa, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              Was very impressed with Trevar's knowledge and the time Trevar and Angel took to speak about the installation of the piers and the overall project.
    Mr H.
    Mira Mesa, CA
  • "Very professional!" Read Full Testimonial

    Gail M. of Palm Dale, CA

    Customer Testimonial

              No complaints. They were very professional and answered all of my questions. Very Happy with Trevar and his crew!
    Gail M.
    Palm Dale, CA

Three Decades of Service

Saber was born in 1987 as an innovative concrete and foundation business with a goal of providing fast service and unsurpassed quality for our customers.

For 30 years, that philosophy continues to remain at the core of our business. Our track record of delivering service and quality has enabled us to obtain coveted certifications to install the finest manufactured products in the industry; however, the accolades from Saber customers are what we value most.

About the Owner
Franz Froehlich

Franz Froehlich

Franz Froehlich is the President/Owner of Saber, established in 2001. Prior to that, he founded South Coast Grinding Inc. in 1987, which continues today as a branch of service under the Saber umbrella.

Franz's credentials include a Specialty D30 license for Pile Driving and Foundation Jacking. Additionally, he is a member of California Geotechnical, MSA, and local Apartment/HOA associations.

His hobbies include, motorcycle riding on and off road, diving, sailing, and time spent on a beach with his wife and two children.

Meet Our Team

Saber carries a long tradition of leadership and innovation in the foundation repair industry. Since we opened our doors, the company has continued to expand its already comprehensive product and service line to meet each and every client’s problem within the home.

About [compan]

From foundation leveling and underpinning to concrete grinding and raising, our company is sure to have the solution and experience for your foundation.

Saber is privately-owned and family operated and we take your trust seriously and truly value your business. Saber now offers services throughout Southern California from Los Angeles and Santa Ana to San Diego and Long Beach.

Part of a Knowledgeable and Experienced Network

Saber is part of the country's largest foundation repair contractor network, Supportworks, specializing in foundation repair solutions that are designed and engineered to fix any structural problem your home may be experiencing. With their headquarters located in Omaha, Nebraska, Supportworks provides professional training, continuous industry research, and some of best industry practices to each and every Supportworks dealer within their network. As a trained dealer of Supportworks, you can be sure that your foundation is in good hands when Saber is called in for the job.

How We Do It

Licensed Contractors

Our experienced concrete foundation repair contractors utilize patented and state-of-the-art solutions to permanently repair cracked foundation walls and slab. All of our contractors are licensed with the Contractors’ State License Board as a Specialty Contractor for Concrete Related Trades. You can check our license status online at www.cslb.ca.gov. License# 826234

Our Services are Designed, Engineered and Installed to Support Your Structure

We can help solve all your foundation problems. Our broad foundation services allow us to virtually repair any type of foundation problem your home may be experiencing. With foundation underpinning and leveling, concrete slab raising, concrete grinding, active leak repairs and helical tiebacks.

We maintain a $1,000,000 per incident and $2,000,000 aggregated general liability insurance coverage for your protection. We also maintain full Worker’s Compensation insurance for our valued employees. As required by law, we also maintain a Contractors Bond against our license. Each of these documents are available for your inspection at any time upon request.

Customer Driven Foundation Repair Professionals

We understand that to be successful in business, we need to meet the expectations of our customers. That’s why we try to exceed those expectations every day, so that we can continue our successful business while continuously providing excellent service and work for each and every client.

Over the years, by becoming true experts in the field of foundation stabilization, we have received many preferred status’ from various entities. We have obtained coveted certifications from the top piering manufacturers in the U.S., giving us nearly-exclusive rights to install what we believe to be, the best quality product in the industry.

Mission Statement

To lead our industry by providing the highest quality work and Wow! service every time.

A Trusted Foundation Repair Company

From diagonal wall cracks to uneven and sagging floors and sticking windows and doors we can help!

Contact us today to get started!

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