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Saber Foundation Repair is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Irvine. Learn more about Saber Foundation Repair's recent work requests in Irvine and nearby areas!

Learn more about Saber Foundation's recent work requests in Irvine, CA
Vicinity of Main Street in Irvine
Need to lift an existing structure 3 inches. Have drawings and pictures.
Vicinity of Via Palatino in Irvine
Settling of one corner/side of house. Single story slab.
Vicinity of Sierra Lago Rd in Irvine
I'm trying to find the source of moisture inside the wall and fix it as my house is having a mold issue. The plumber already inspected the house and he concluded there is no water leaking from pipes. It appears that water (from neighbor's sprinkler) gets through the cracks on the exterior wall. Can you inspect the cracks and see if they are the reason for moisture and fix it?
Vicinity of Paseo De Vega in Irvine
Crack lines in car garage side and slab.
Vicinity of Deer Crk in Irvine
I saw a big crack in one of the bedroom downstairs. I am concerned the foundation has problem. Please come and evaluate. Thanks
Vicinity of Fallingstar in Irvine
20' x 20' driveway. one corner sunk but now stabilized. raised on opposite side. i want to make it level again.
Vicinity of Savannah in Irvine
Best time for free estimate is M-F 9am-12pm. Very small cracks in inside walls of house.
Vicinity of Wald in Irvine
Concrete wall needs to be filled and repaired.
Vicinity of Ramada in Irvine
Exterior concrete repair: level grinding 4 slabs, ensuring uniform surface on back, side and front; crack repairs; brick grout repair and brick polishing; demolish some; add some.
Vicinity of Pinewood in Irvine
Definite door jam, wall and cement cracks. Past water drainage issue from neighbor yard. Association contacted.
Vicinity of Cypress Tree Lane in Irvine
I am requesting someone to diagnosis and treat possible hydrostatic pressure or water seeping into the foundation of the house.
Vicinity of Mulberry Ave in Irvine
Cracks on garage floor.
Vicinity of Cassia Tree Ln in Irvine
Brick chimney pulling away from house structure..about 4 inches separation at roof level.
Vicinity of Shearwater in Irvine
Sidewalk grinding to make two slabs even again. Sidewalk width is about 4.5 feet. Height difference is 1.5 inches.
Vicinity of Rainbow Falls in Irvine
Need to inspect foundation before re-doing concrete patio in back yard. The town house is on small hill, can see soil erosion at back yard and also see some signs of foundation issue inside town house.
Vicinity of Cape Cod in Irvine
A bad plumber left me with a hole in my foundation. A neighbor filled it with cement, but now water accumulates at the area where the new cement is. Can you help?
Vicinity of Pinewood in Irvine
We have numerous cracks in our home on the walls, doorways with sticking doors or the doors just won't stay shut anymore. Backyard concrete cracks constantly.
Vicinity of Fabriano in Irvine
Foundation Settlement at a corner of the house. Please contact e to visit te site and provide an estimate.
Vicinity of Executive Park in Irvine
We have a project in Orange County for a building near hillside requiring void filling and foundation deepening. We are requesting quotes for costs for micropiles, push piers, or helical piles. Please contact us to obtain more information as well as discuss approximate pricing
Vicinity of Upland in Irvine
My retaining wall in front is leaning.
Vicinity of Palmatum in Irvine
Concrete in yard needs to be releveled so water drains away from building and towards drainage pipes
Vicinity of Imperial Aisle in Irvine
I own a tri-level condo and both the second and third floors are uneven. I had an inspector look at them and he said that it is due to soil movement which is causing the building foundation to shift. John Hammond was my inspector and he referred me to you. I'd like someone to come out and do a complete survey with a formal report with a quote so I may present to the HOA Board.
Vicinity of Spanish Lace in Irvine
2 line cracks in posted tension slab in garage.

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