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Before and After Pictures from Long Beach
PolyLevel(R) in Long Beach

PolyLevel(R) in Long Beach

Before After
PolyLevel(R) in Long Beach PolyLevel(R) in Long Beach

The before photo shows the work area in need of a lift.

The during photo shows the poly injection the lifted the slab and filled the void.

The after photo shows the final product after the lift and void fill.

Concrete Replacement in Long Beach

Concrete Replacement in Long Beach

Before After
Concrete Replacement in Long Beach Concrete Replacement in Long Beach

The before photo is of the concrete that needs to be replaced.

The during photo is of the concrete removed, and the roots that also need to be removed.

The after photo is of the roots removed and the concrete poured and finished. 

Eliminating a Trip Hazard in Long Beach

Eliminating a Trip Hazard in Long Beach

Before After
Eliminating a Trip Hazard in Long Beach Eliminating a Trip Hazard in Long Beach

The Before Picture shows Tree Roots creating a Trip Hazard on a Sidewalk.

The After Picture shows the Tree Roots removed,and the cracked area of the Sidewalk replaced.

Company Awards
Cleaning and Drying Out a Crawlspace in San Diego
Saber created Drainage for a San Diego Home with Standing Water Issues. A CleanSpace was also created, in the Crawlspace... [Read more]
Saber Recognized as 10th Top Foundation Dealer in Supportworks Network
Saber was ranked 10th of Top 75 Foundation Dealers in the Supportworks network at the Redefine 2018 conference in Omaha,... [Read more]
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Long Beach, CA's Trusted Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Contractor

Long Beach resident John P. commented regarding the job that Saber did for him. "Thanks for your professional work and reasonable...
Happy Customers Surrounding Long Beach, CA
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Reviews From Long Beach
Testimonials From Long Beach
Long Beack resident Valerie M. commented . "Your office staff was courteous and helpful."
Testimonial by Valerie M. from Long Beach, CA
Long Beach resident Ted G. commented regarding our sales representative. "Ken Fiacco was very knowledgable and great!"
Testimonial by Ted G. from Long Beach, CA
"The Saber crew was very respectful"
Testimonial by Robert C. from Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, CA professional foundation repair

Sever foundation settlement in Long Beach

Foundation settlement was so severe on this property that it was visible in the roof line.

Just like many properties in Southern California, homes in Long Beach are known to struggle with structural issues caused by faulty foundations. Saber Foundation Repair has been helping local homeowners solve these issues ever since we opened our doors in 1987. If you're in the market for foundation repair or concrete lifting, you've come to the right place!

Many issues can lead to foundation problems, and they oftentimes have to do with the soil surrounding your property. Some types of soil are more stable than others, and this is usually beyond your control. While you can't always know what's happening beneath your home, there are plenty of signs and symptoms of foundation problems above ground, including:

  • Cracks in floors and walls
  • Uneven, sloping, or sagging floors
  • Bowing walls
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Tilting chimneys

Our foundation repair services can take care of all of these symptoms and more. As a part of the Supportworks dealer network, we only use industry-leading products that have been tested in thousands of homes across the nation. Using top-tier products like foundation piers, wall anchors, and crawl space support jacks, we'll prevent foundation settlement, street creep, or any other foundation problem from taking hold of your home. 

Concrete lifting, earthquake retrofitting, and more

Concrete lifting in Long Beach

Gaping cracks like these can be fixed by PolyLevel.

Along with our foundation repair services, we also offer many other ways to restore safety and beauty to your property. One such service is concrete lifting and leveling. Telltale signs of sunken concrete are:

  • Sinking concrete steps or sidewalks
  • Cracked, bumpy and uneven driveways or patios
  • Cracking and sinking sections of slabs
  • Washout of soils under concrete slabs
  • Repeated cracking of concrete slabs

With the help of PolyLevel, a minimally invasive way to to inject an expanding foam beneath a concrete slab, we can get rid of any cracks and tripping hazards around your property. You'll enjoy the peace of mind you get when these issues are eliminated, and your home will benefit from the extra curb appeal!

In addition to our foundation repair and concrete lifting services, we can also help with other structural repairs, such as earthquake retrofitting. If your home lacks the proper support to withstand the incredible forces an earthquake can bring, let the experts at Saber Foundation Repair install metal connectors as reinforcement. Seismic retrofitting helps to stabilize and strengthen your foundation, helping to limit the damage caused by an earthquake. If you have an older home or a home that lacks proper seismic retrofitting, our experts can evaluate your foundation and recommend the right solutions for your needs.

If you need foundation repair, concrete leveling, crawl space repair, or seismic retrofitting for your home, the experts at Saber Foundation Repair are here to help. If there's any way we can improve the structural stability of your home, we'll find it! Schedule a free estimate for foundation repair, concrete lifting and leveling, and more in Long Beach, CA today!

Case Studies From Long Beach
The walkways in this Long Beach apartment homes were raised due to tree roots.
The Floors are sagging, and the Foundation is starting to Crack. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a thorough inspection of the home. The...
Sagging Floors in the Home. Crawlspace Posts are Sliding and Failing.
Job Stories From Long Beach, CA
Homeowner Greta M. of Long Beach was concerned about her foundation after buying her home in 2015. At that time an inspector had advised them that some of the posts in the crawl space had shifted. She could see the results of the shifting in the floor of her guest bathroom. Project Design Specialist Jason S. came out and did a complete evaluation of the crawl space and foundation. He proposed a solution of five helical piers and a supplemental metal beam to provide support and stabilization. Greta was very satisfied with Jason's visit, and writes "Jason was very knowledgeable and thorough. He took his time walking us through everything. We measured all the flooring with an altimeter so we could see exactly what the foundation was doing and how it was settling. He really knew his stuff and was very helpful." Greta will be going ahead with the project. Saber loves to bring peace of mind to homeowners!


Drainage Issues in Long Beach
Long Beach resident Eric L. sought help from Saber for standing water in his crawl space. Project Design Specialist Daniel G. assessed the situation and recommended  crawlspace encapsulation and installation of a French drain. Eric was pleased with Daniel's visit, writing, "Daniel did a great job. Good representative of your company."
Concrete Replacement in Long Beach

Bonnie S., a representative of a Long Beach apartment complex, contacted Saber about tree roots that were lifting their concrete and creating trip hazards. Saber Concrete Division Specialist Gilbert S. walked the property with Bonnie and determined that root removal and concrete replacement was the best solution for the job. 

Saber's concrete crew removed the damaged concrete, removed the roots and then replaced the concrete. 

Concrete Replacement in Long Beach - Photo 1
Push Piers In Long Beach

Long Beach resident Garret S. contacted Saber about his failing front porch foundation. A saber Design Specialist recommended push piers with a steel beam to support his porch.

Foreman Joe S. and crew arrived at the job on time and ready to work. They properly installed the push piers and beam, providing support to Garret's front porch. Garret was very happy with the work performed, giving Joe and crew a great review. 

Push Piers In Long Beach - Photo 1
PolyLevel(R) in Long Beach


Long Beach residents Adolfo and Linda C. contacted Saber about a failing slab around their pool. Dan F., a Saber Design Specialist, performed a free evaluation and determined that the failing slab could be saved with our PolyLevel Product. 

PolyLevel foreman Scott L. and crew arrived at the job site on time and ready to work. The lift and void fill went better than Adolfo and Linda expected, prompting them to leave a great review for Scott and his crew. 

PolyLevel(R) in Long Beach - Photo 1
Seismic Strengthening

Cascia L. contacted Saber after having concerns about her raised foundation. Following a thorough evaluation, Design Specialist John G. recommended that Cascia implement our Seismic Strengthening system. 

Crawl Space foreman Jordan S. arrived at the job on time and ready to install. The crew prepped the work area and began installing. The job went well, securing the sill plate to the footing of the house. 

Cascia was very pleased with the professionalism and timely manner in which Jordan and crew finished the job. Cascia left a great review. 

Seismic Strengthening - Photo 1
Smart Jacks in Long Beach

Long Beach resident Tony M. contacted Saber regarding sagging floors in his home. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a thorough and Free Homeowner inspection. The Support Posts in the Crawlspace were failing. The age of the Home and years of Earthquakes were the culprits.

Saber's Crew dug Pits in the Crawlspace under the Existing Floor Joists. We then filled these pits to form the Base of the Smart Jacks that we installed and Pressurized. This gave the floor a Consistent Elevation.

Smart Jacks in Long Beach - Photo 1
Smart Jacks in Long Beach

Long Beach resident Veronica C. contacted Saber regarding Sagging Floors in her Home. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a thorough inspection of Veronica's Home. The Support Posts in the Crawlspace are in the process of sliding off of their concrete bases.

Saber's crew attached steel I Beams to the Floor Joists. We then attached Smart Jacks to the I Beams. We pressurized the Smart Jacks. The Floors are no longer sagging.

Smart Jacks in Long Beach - Photo 1
Eliminating Trip Hazards at a Long Beach Church

Bethany Baptist Church, in Long Beach, contacted Saber regarding Trip hazards in the Walkways. Saber's Project Design Specialist found that Tree Roots were the cause of the Buckling Walkways.

Our crew excavated and removed all of the damaged concrete. The Tree Roots were removed. Rebar was installed, and Forms were built. New concrete was poured and finished. All trip hazards have been eliminated.

Eliminating Trip Hazards at a Long Beach Church - Photo 1
Sill plate bolting in Long Beach

A homeowner in Long Beach, was wanting to retrofit their home and protect their investment from the inevitable California earthquakes.  The homeowner did some research and found that Saber was the best option for him.  The Design Specialist from Saber came to the property to do an evaluation.  During the walk through inspection the Specialist also found that the posts used to support the home needed to be replaced to prevent the home from settlement issues.  The homeowner was very impressed with the Design Specialist and the proposal presented during the walk through, and was ready to schedule the Saber Crew to come to the propriety and get started on the repairs.  The crew arrived and went straight to work, they replaced the wood posts and all of the existing post strapping.  They then continued with the sill plate bolting for the single story structure.  The homeowner can now rest easy knowing that the home is protected from an earthquake and any future settlement issues. 


Helical piers used to stabilize in Long Beach

Homeowners in Long Beach, California, had noticed serious cracks forming in the columns surrounding their porch.  The homeowners knew that this was not normal, they did some research on the internet and found Saber.  A project specialist from Saber went to the property to do an evaluation.  The project specialist found that the soils were un-stabile and proposed that Saber install 3 helical piers to stabilize the porch and pillar.  This type of settlement is usually due to the unstable soils beneath the foundation.  

Saber sent a crew to complete the work for this homeowner.  The crew installed 3 helical piers at three different pier locations to stabilize the porch and pillar.  The helical pier is a steel pier that is driven into the ground like a screw.  The pier is driven down until it reaches solid stable bedrock below.  There were 2 piers installed to stabilize the porch, and one more pier installed to stabilize the pillar.  Once the installation is complete the piers will remain a permeant fixture and will stabilize the area.  

Crack repair and soil stabilization in Long Beach

Homeowners in Long Beach, California, had noticed signs of settlement at their property, cracks along the exterior of their home had started to appear.  This type of settlement is usually due to the unstable soils beneath the foundation.  The homeowners knew that something needed to be done to prevent any more cracking to occur.  

Saber was contracted to fix the issue.  Using PolyLEVEL™ the crew from Saber was able to stabilize the soils beneath the foundation.  By pumping PolyLEVEL™ beneath the foundation this added stabilization to already unstable soils.  Once the soils were stabilized the cracks were then repaired using gravity fed epoxy.  The expoxy closes the cracks and allows for the homeowners to re-stucco the home with out the worry that the cracks will reappear.  The homes foundation is now stabilized and the cracks are repaired. 

Seismic Retrofit in Long Beach

Customer Mari D, of Long Beach, California, had been considering reinforcing her property, and with the string of recent earthquakes in and around the Los Angeles area, she found that now was a better time then any.  So, Mari did her research and found that Saber was the best company to come evaluate her property.  Upon the inspection, the Sales representative from Saber proposed to install  Simpson UFP 10 brackets at every corner of the foundation and every 6' from the center, as well as strapping each 4x4 post to each existing wood grinder beam, using Simpson T-straps and Simpson framing clips.  There was also a crack in the slab that was a concern to Mari, therefore; it was suggested that the crack be routed, cleaned and repaired using a two component epoxy injection method.

Mari found that this was the best option for her, so she scheduled to have a crew from Saber repair the crack in her slab and retro fit her property.  The crew was able to complete the project in the first day.  They began by going into the crawlspace where the work would be preformed, and installed and secured the T-straps, they then installed and secured the sill plates and repaired the crack with epoxy.  

Mari was very pleased with the work completed. It is safe to say, she now has piece of mind knowing that in the occurrence of the next earthquake in her area, her home has been safely secured. 

Work Requests From Long Beach, CA
Vicinity of Halbrite Ave. in Long Beach
Soil compression and sinkage has been been occurring for many years along a stretch of our neighborhood, causing damage to homes. We have had some remediation 10 years ago, but the ground keeps sinking and the back end of our house is not supported well, causing cracks in concrete, stucco and drywall. We have an estimate for installation of 4 helical piers to permanently resolve the problem, but I would like 1 or 2 more estimates.
Vicinity of Termino Ave in Long Beach
Sinking driveway causing unlevel surfaces
Vicinity of Cheshire St in Long Beach
Home inspector recommended a foundation inspection. Said there was a sink hole under the home...looks like maybe a pipe might have exploded at some point and water was sitting for a few days.
Vicinity of in Long Beach
My driveway needs repair
Vicinity of E Wardlow Rd in Long Beach
Had a Home Inspection and they recommend a second opinion to further look into the foundation.
Vicinity of E Claiborne Dr in Long Beach
Pool deck cracks
Vicinity of San Vicente Ave in Long Beach
Driveway needs to be leveled. Need to know the cost of the fix.
Vicinity of Senasac Ave in Long Beach
Pool Deck has portions of slab that have lifted and sunk. Would like it to be leveled as a temporary fix until it is time to renovate the entire backyard.
Vicinity of Foreman in Long Beach
Pool decking cracked,had resurfaced approx 15 years ago
Vicinity of in Long Beach
Need an estimate for retrofitting the house, for homeowners insurance
Louis B. Long Beach, CA
Comment: Source BrandBlaster Facebook Service Poly
Vicinity of Ximeno Ave in Long Beach
There are some supports under the house that are not attached. I have some floor creaking and some windows that do not work properly
Vicinity of E Marita St in Long Beach
I want to get my house up to current code if necessary, both for safety and to get a discount on earthquake insurance. 50% of house is 1946 vintage, 20% 1985, 30% 2008.
Vicinity of E Cartagena St in Long Beach
Vicinity of in Long Beach
House is 100 years old and not level
Vicinity of Lindero Avenue in Long Beach
Looking to insulate my crawlspace under my home to reduce cold coming from the ground and increase heat.
Vicinity of Ravenna in Long Beach
Flooring slopes towards front of the house. House is on raised foundation... there are cracks in the foundation... and movement.
Vicinity of in Long Beach
Crawl space causing health concerns
Vicinity of East Vista Street in Long Beach
Retrofit, bolt house to foundation
Vicinity of E Norton in Long Beach
Single-story, unbolted/ not strapped, raised foundation home with crawl space. concerned that the house could slip from the foundation in the event of the next quake we have. No visible significant damage to the house from the last 2 but would like to be prepared for the next.
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