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Saber Foundation Repair is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Oceanside. Learn more about Saber Foundation Repair's recent work requests in Oceanside and nearby areas!

Learn more about Saber Foundation's recent work requests in Oceanside, CA
Vicinity of YUMA AVE in Oceanside
I have a customer with a structural issue- cut trusses in his attic. i want to get an estimate of how to fix issue.
Vicinity of Anda Lucia Way in Oceanside
Estimate to re-level 400 SF living room to prepare for tile install
Vicinity of Hicks Street in Oceanside
I live in a home built in Oceanside in 1954 and it has a perimeter raised foundation. When I purchased the home last year the inspector found some vertical cracks in the foundation but said it wasn't unusual for the area and was not severe. I recently returned from a deployment and have noticed more of the house settling in the direction of where the crack is in the rear of the house. I am looking for an estimate to fix the crack. I have pictures from the inspection last year. Please contact me when available.
Vicinity of Parkview Dr in Oceanside
I have numerious foundation cracks and I belieive its from my neighbors sprinkler system leaking. I have pictures also.
Vicinity of Bradley St. in Oceanside
Uneven individual concrete patio slabs have created many trip hazards.
Vicinity of Arcadia Way in Oceanside
Sinking sidewalk needs repair.
Vicinity of Foussat in Oceanside
Home in escrow. Concerns about foundation issues.
Vicinity of Morning Dove Way in Oceanside
House is currently in escrow. Buyers inspector noted cracks in foundation and buyers have requested further inspection by foundation specialists
Vicinity of Fire Mountain Drive in Oceanside
Crawl space insulation................
Vicinity of Starboard Circle in Oceanside
Appears to be a slap crack/foundation crack leading from my master bath to the other side of my house. There is a crack in the ceiling but it's not uneven. Would like someone to look at it and give me an evaluation/estimate.
Vicinity of Comanche Street in Oceanside
Vicinity of Roselle St in Oceanside
The west side of our house has a gap between the foundation and the ground there has been a lot of undercutting. Could someone come out and give us a quote for the repair?
Vicinity of N Cleveland St in Oceanside
Three story townhome complex. Separation of front porch stoop from main structure.
Vicinity of Ann St. in Oceanside
Foundation seems to be crack and/or damaged. Cracks around the house in concrete and sides of the house, cracking in the garage. Laminate flooring is showing signs of separation as well as tiles cracking in bathroom. Drywall cracks around some doors and walls.
Vicinity of Leeward Ct. in Oceanside
I have a single story house with a slab on grade that is cracking and sinking
Vicinity of E Barnwell in Oceanside
I recently purchased this house knowing that the foundation had been repaired in 2009. I have a copy of the engineering report with recommendations for repairs. Unfortunately, we had water damage the 2nd day after we moved in. This exposed the majority of the slab foundation as the floor must be replaced. However, looking at the remaining cracks in the foundation, it seems like part of the engineer recommendation wasn't followed (specifically, it looks like the cracks were epoxied over, not epoxy filled). I'd like an opinion on whether it was originally followed, and what options are available for repair. Hopefully it will just be an epoxy fill as I have no budget for any extensive work (see water damage...)
Vicinity of Valley Rd in Oceanside
The house was built in 1975 and is single level. The seller disclosed that there was some settling at the back garden area and that she had a huge crack repaired in the middle of the house. When we removed the carpet to install the tiles we saw several concrete cracks and were "repaired" with some black liquid and a mesh prior to tiling. After tiling we noticed cracks in the tiles at several places and also a crack on the ceiling. We are concerned and need an estimate to repair any soil, foundation issues etc. Thanks
Vicinity of Shafer Street in Oceanside
I would like to get information on seismic retrofitting for this home.
Vicinity of Trevino Ave in Oceanside
I have an area on my patio that is lower and holds water when it rains. I also have uneven sunroom concrete floor and not sure how to even it out. I'd like to have a consultation to see if this can be repaired
Vicinity of Camelot Dr in Oceanside
Stabilization of foundation. multiple cracks inside home with differential settlement throughout. would like it fixed.
Vicinity of Ivey Vista Way in Oceanside
Our driveway was lifted due to tree roots. The tree has been removed, but now we need to see what to do to repair the concrete.
Vicinity of Fire Mtn. Dr in Oceanside
Crawlspace insulation concrete cracks
Vicinity of Isabella Drive in Oceanside
I have a crack in the slab than runs through the small house I own. I would likecsomeone to look at it as soon as possible. Thank you.
Vicinity of Marin Dr. in Oceanside
Have a raised segment on the path to our front door. About 6 feet across, over an inch high.
Vicinity of Morning View Dr in Oceanside
The project involves the grinding of existing exterior flat work to expose the aggregate in the concrete.
Vicinity of Del Mar Road in Oceanside
Concrete slab surrounding pool sinking in some spots
Vicinity of Muirfield Dr in Oceanside
Driveway separation
Vicinity of Vista Campana S in Oceanside
Failing/cracked slab foundation on 50 yr. old house. Living room is sinking and there are multiple cracks in exterior wall. Largest horizontal crack apprx. 2 inches wide by 2 - 3 ft. long. Need to determine what is the cause of the condition and solutions/costs to remedy the problems.
Vicinity of Hoover in Oceanside
Need a fee estimate for a wall and slab repair. Prefer estimate on 12/31 or
Vicinity of Seabreeze Walk in Oceanside
Need slab repair of thin crack. Pulled up 10 tiles.
Vicinity of Noreen Way in Oceanside
Concrete slab is broken causing one wall to pull away.
Vicinity of Woodbine Place in Oceanside
The frame of my 10 foot wide sliding glass door is warping. I am having it replaced but I wonder if my house is settling. Also, my driveway is rising up and the concrete walkway is lifting up in three places.
Vicinity of Maplewood Circle in Oceanside
Patio slab with a crack and rise, trip hazard. Needs grinding Stucco wall is separating away from the house causing front gate to drag on the ground. Do you do this kind of work and I need a quote.
Vicinity of Ann in Oceanside
Front door will not close. Crack inside on the wall to the left of the door, angling up from a coat closet towards the front door. That wall, inside the house, appears to be bowing slightly.
Vicinity of Sunridge Dr in Oceanside
I have noticed my retainer wall in front of my house started to move towards the street. there is a crack 3" wide opening on the left wall. The wall is built on slot 8 feet high. I like to get a quote to restore this wall.
Vicinity of Valley Road in Oceanside
A spreading, lengthening, deepening crack in my garage slab. It runs about 12 feet toward the house now, and I believe was caused by the installation of a concrete driveway. The crack is about 3-4 inches deep now (it started to crack years ago) and nearing an inch wide.
Vicinity of Morse Street in Oceanside
Interested in concrete grinding. Please contact to schedule a new appointment for this service.
Vicinity of Lonnie St in Oceanside
I have a slab foundation and it appears that I might have some settling on the west side of the house that has caused a crack in the slab.
Vicinity of Marathon Way in Oceanside
Concrete is higher at the garage do we repair?
Vicinity of Littler Ln in Oceanside
6' x 50' cracked and sunken slab/footing dropped about 3/4". Due to soil creep(insurance engineer).
Vicinity of Dunstan St in Oceanside
Garage has cracking/sagging. Needs repairing/raising/leveling. Would like a quote.

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