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Before and After Pictures from Ventura
Foundation Problems during a Remodel in Ventura

Foundation Problems during a Remodel in Ventura

Before After
Foundation Problems during a Remodel in Ventura Foundation Problems during a Remodel in Ventura

The Before Picture shows what the homeowner found ,when they decided to remodel their home. Their home's foundation was starting to crumble.

The shifting soils, in Ventura, had caused voids under the foundation. The After Picture shows one, of several Push Piers, that were used to bring the foundation to a consistant elevation.

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Saber Recognized as 10th Top Foundation Dealer in Supportworks Network
Saber was ranked 10th of Top 75 Foundation Dealers in the Supportworks network at the Redefine 2018 conference in Omaha,... [Read more]
Saber Ranks 7th in Push Pier Installations in Supportworks Network
Saber was recognized for being 7th in the Supportworks network for push pier installations.... [Read more]
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Ventura, CA's Trusted Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Contractor

Saber Foundation Repair has been installing the finest manufactured products in the industry since 1987. We are a the local contractor for expert in commercial foundation repair and concrete leveling in Ventura, CA. Contact us today to learn more!

Ventura resident Gerald U. commented regarding the 2 reasons he chose Saber. "Poly level was the best way I found to...
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Testimonials From Ventura
Ventura resident Matt M. commented. "I will recommend Saber to my friends and family."
Testimonial by Matt M. from Ventura, CA
I appreciate working with your company, as Ricardo and his crew were hard working and did a good job
Testimonial by Peter M. from Simi Valley, CA

Ventura, CA foundation repair & concrete leveling experts

Saber Foundation Repair has been providing durable, long-lasting, and trusted foundation repair and concrete leveling in Ventura, CA since 2001.

Whether you need tough foundation pier systems, a long-lasting concrete leveling solution, or crawl space support jacks, we have the residential or commercial repair solutions that will better serve your property!

Supportworks guarantee

Supportworks is an international foundation repair network comprised of more than 300 independently owned and operated dealerships. As a trusted Supportworks dealer, Saber Foundation Repair offers only the best foundation repair and concrete repair solutions that are proven effective!

Our services include:

  • Helical Piles/Helix Piers
  • Helical/Tieback Anchors
  • Push Pier/Underpinning Systems
  • Crawl Space Jacks
  • Concrete Leveling
  • PolyLevel®
  • Sidewalk & Driveway Leveling
  • Airport & Train Track Repair
  • Void Filling & Erosion Control
  • And more!

Foundation Solutions for Every Problem

Saber Foundation Repair has patented products that can repair and protect your property's foundation from further decline. Our foundation specialists will identify your Ventura building's issues and custom design a repair solution. Don't wait for bowing or cracked foundation walls to worsen, restore them with warrantied products available nowhere else.

Stabilize your sinking concrete with PolyLevel® in Ventura

Sinking and uneven concrete on your airport runway, train tracks, warehouse floors, walkways, driveway or patio can be a tripping hazard and an eyesore. Saber Foundation Repair has a very simple solution to a very noticeable problem. PolyLevel® is a polyurethane foam injection that raises and evens out concrete slabs.

Case Studies From Ventura
Cracking Walls in the corner of a home. A Void has Formed under the Foundation in this area.
Job Stories From Ventura, CA
Push Piers in Ventura

A homeowner in Ventura called Saber stating that every time he walked to the sink in his kitchen, the floor sagged. He wanted to remodel his kitchen but was afraid the movement in the floors would ruin the countertops and backsplash.

Visible signs of foundation problems were obvious. The kitchen floor was basically suspended in the air, with no contact with the footing. Lack of support to the home was causing many issues.

Curtis and his team removed concrete from three locations around the home in order to place support piers. Two piers had to make a tight squeeze between the gas meter and A/C unit. The piers, once installed, lifted the foot back up to the mudseal of the home, making full contact. The removed concrete was then repoured and replaced.

Saber's services fixed this Ventura home's problems by placing the home back on the footing for full support. The kitchen floor was then rendered 'bounceless'. The client was easy to work with and was very happy with the outcome! Total time on the job site was 4.5 hours.

Push Piers in Ventura - Photo 1Push Piers in Ventura - Photo 2Push Piers in Ventura - Photo 3
PolyLEVEL™ in Camarillo

A homeowner in Camarillo, California noticed some major signs of settlement occurring in and around their property.  The homeowners have notice large cracks forming above and around the door frames and window frames of their home, this was also making it hard for those doors and windows to open and close properly.  The homeowners did some research and discovered that they had a soils settlement issue.  Soil settlement is mostly due to the shifting of the soils beneath the homes foundation, cause gaps and voids to form and in turn the foundation becomes comprised because the solid ground it was once supported by has since lost that stability.  The homeowners then checked out ways to fix the problem, they found that pouring a new foundation would not only be time consuming, a huge disruption to their life and expensive, so they continued to look for other options.  They then spoke to a friend about the issue, who recommended Saber.   Saber was able to fix the issue in much more convenient cost effective way.  Saber used the PolyLEVEL™ system to stabilize and lift the property, closing the gaps and cracks that had formed.  The PolyLEVEL™ system is a great way to effectively repair and lift the foundation using a blend of poly to be pumped beneath the homes foundation.  The process is relatively quick and the cure time is minutes.  The homeowners no longer see the signs of settlement and those doors and windows that once where an issue now open and close with ease.  

Work Requests From Ventura, CA
Project Location: Ventura, CA
New homeowner discovered slightly uneven crack in concrete slab foundation of home during initial renovation - would like to know severity and options for repair
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Sinking porch. Interested in determining if helical piers would fix.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
I have a roughly 1/8 inch wide crack that goes through the center of my garage slab. The side opposite the house appears to be unlevel. I would like to know the options for for repair.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
This is for a home in escrow. I am the agent and my buyers would like a foundation inspection/estimate for an obvious drainage/settling issue on a home with a raised foundation.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Side concrete footing for the foundation of the upper deck has long cracks.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Repair cracks in concrete floor as well as pylons under deck.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Where can I buy crawl space covers to keep the critters out? Or do you know someone who will custom make them? I have an old 1926 house.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Looking for an estimate on upgrading my raised foundation on my home.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Buying a house I have the inspection report and some of the posts are deteriorating and off center.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Slipped foundation and water pooling.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
The house was built on cut and fill in the 50s with a slab foundation. Over time there has been slippage of the hillside. The slab has cracked and the garage wall appears to be leaning. Looking to do repairs.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Foundation is uneven poor with minimal or no rebar.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Wall cracks,history of slab cracks,note increasing cracks in garage floor,and know of a slab crack in kitchen.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Concrete foundation inside the house in one area that I know of is cracked.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
I'd like a quote on getting my house bolted. It's from 1928.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Would like my foundation strapped and more earthquake safe
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Project Location: Ventura, CA
My husband and I recently bought a new home (3 months ago). About 1 month after moving in we realized we had a slab leak. It was a sizeable hot water line leak and we have just finished completely repiping the house. we did a reroute. I had some concerns there about damage to the foundation, but our contractors felt adamant there would be no issues with the foundation. They said signs of setline were cracks in the wall, doors not opening/shutting, etc.. It has only been a couple of weeks since the repairs were completed and we've seen all of these signs. While we still have a home warranty I would like to get a professional to determine whether there are any foundation issues.
Project Location: Ventura, CA
Cracked foundation repair
Project Location: Ventura, CA
We are selling our home and an inspection indicated a 4" sloping from the north to the south end of our home (downhill). We have lived there for 10 years and never noticed cracking, bucking, or any other indication other than the inspection. We would like an estimate to fix the slope and receive a professional opinion on the cause (i.e. settling, or slippage). Thanks!
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