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Before and After Pictures from San Clemente
Foundation Piers in San Clemente

Foundation Piers in San Clemente

Before After
Foundation Piers in San Clemente Foundation Piers in San Clemente

The Before Picture shows a excavated hole where a home foundation has sunk.

The After Picture shows Saber Pressurizing a Foundation Pier. This creates Lift, and Strengthens the Foundation.

Cracking Walls are a Sign of Foundation Issues

Cracking Walls are a Sign of Foundation Issues

Before After
Cracking Walls are a Sign of Foundation Issues Cracking Walls are a Sign of Foundation Issues

The Before Picture is a very good example of a Foundation that is weakening. The Large Crack in the Wall, means that this Foundation is sinking.

The After Picture shows the hole that Sabers crew excavated. Then a Helical Pier was ddriven into the ground, and torqued until it stopped. A Helical Bracket was then attached (pictured), and the foundation was Lifted, and Strengthened.

Company Awards
Cleaning and Drying Out a Crawlspace in San Diego
Saber created Drainage for a San Diego Home with Standing Water Issues. A CleanSpace was also created, in the Crawlspace... [Read more]
Saber Recognized as 10th Top Foundation Dealer in Supportworks Network
Saber was ranked 10th of Top 75 Foundation Dealers in the Supportworks network at the Redefine 2018 conference in Omaha,... [Read more]
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San Clemente, CA's Trusted Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Contractor

San Clemente resident Ellen R commented regarding her home foundation repair. "Your Sales Representative gave a very clear and knowledgable presentation....
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Reviews From San Clemente
Testimonials From San Clemente
San Clemente HOA representative Beth C. commented regarding Saber's work crew. "They were on time, very courteous, and cleaned up after the job was done."
Testimonial by Beth C. from San Clemente, CA
San Clemente HOA representative Beth C. commented regarding Saber's work crew. "They were on time, very courteous, and cleaned up after the job was done."
Testimonial by Beth C. from San Clemente, CA

Are you worried about the state of your home or business' foundation in San Clemente? When soil conditions, rainfall, and other factors combine over time, you can find yourself with a sinking, cracked or damaged foundation. With 30+ years of foundation repair experience, Saber Foundation Repair has the tools you need for a safer, worry-free home. Customers contact us with all types of foundation repair concerns ranging from wall cracks to sagging floors, sticking doors and windows, soil erosion, and more. When it comes to foundation & concrete problems, we have the solutions! 

Experienced Foundation Repair Services in San Clemente

Foundation repair problems tend to develop slowly, but if you don't keep an eye on them and make repairs when necessary, you will find yourself spending a whole lot of money down the line. Bowing walls, sagging floors, sticking windows, cracks, and more will make life at home uncomfortable, stressful and potentially dangerous. Additionally, when it's time to sell your home, you'll either have to resolve all foundation problems or take a hit on your home's overall value.

Saber Foundation Repair offers a variety of affordable, proven solutions for all of your foundation repair needs. Our foundation repair specialists can inspect your foundation, pinpoint all problem areas and come up with lasting & dependable solutions.

Foundation Problems We Fix:      

  • House settling & sinking
  • Windows & doors sticking
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting & bowing walls
  • Floor & wall cracks
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our Foundation Repair Products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers & slab piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Street creep system
  • Channel anchors
  • Wall repair systems
  • Wall reinforcing systems

In addition to our residential foundation repair services, we also provide support for commercial foundations. Not only can we offer reliable foundation repairs for existing structures, but we can also take on deep foundations for new commercial constructions. Using a variety of equipment built for commercial and government projects, such as helical piles and anchors, helix piers, tieback anchors, and more, you can trust Saber Foundation Repair for all of your commercial foundation design and restoration needs.

Reliable Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation Solutions

Humid crawl spaces are breeding grounds for mold and rot, causing structural and air quality problems for the rest of your home. What's even worse is that traditional methods of keeping crawl spaces dry, such as venting, have been proven time and time again to create more problems than they solve.

Saber Foundation Repair offers complete crawl space repair and encapsulation services using CleanSpace, our patented vapor barrier system. By installing a crawl space vapor barrier and additional products like thermal insulation, dehumidifiers, or drainage matting if need be, you can create a fully enclosed, arid crawl space that won't allow any moisture to enter.

If your crawl space has rotted or sagging support joists, we can also assist by installing our galvanized steel crawl space support jacks. Your crawl space bears the weight of the floors above, so having stable supports is crucial!

Fast & Affordable Concrete Leveling & Lifting

Sunken, uneven concrete creates tripping hazards all around your property; it also makes a huge eyesore. Saber Foundation Repair uses PolyLevel to perform concrete leveling & lifting services with ease. PolyLevel is the premier concrete leveling product on the market today. PolyLevel is a lightweight polyurethane foaming agent that is injected into a small hole beneath your concrete. The foam reacts and expands into a strong yet lightweight support system perfect for concrete leveling & lifiting. For a fast-acting, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly concrete leveling solution, Saber Foundation Repair and PolyLevel are what you need!

For all of your foundation repair, concrete leveling & crawl space encapsulation needs, Saber Foundation Repair can provide you with industry-leading solutions installed by technical experts. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a free estimate in San Clemente! Our services will resolve the root source of the problem and we are here to help should any questions arise. 

Seismic Retrofitting, Seawall Repair & Bulkhead Repair

Homeowners and business owners in San Clemente, CA know that earthquakes are all too possible in the area. That's why it's important to be prepared with the proper reinforcement for your home. Saber Foundation Repair's seismic retrofitting consists of professionally installed metal connectors, anchor bolts, and other reinforcement materials that stabilize your home's structure. By installing these reinforcements at certain key points, we can create a connected protection system that will keep your home stable, secure, and grounded when earthquakes strike.

We also provide seawall repair and bulkhead repair for seaside properties and municipal purposes. If your seawall is cracking, tilting, or eroding, our helical seawall anchors will provide stabilization that will last through storms, tides, and the constant stress of water flow.

We also offer concrete repair services including concrete stair repair, shotcrete, crack repair, and property evaluations.

Whether you need foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, concrete leveling, seismic retrofitting, or any other home improvement service, Saber Foundation Repair is the foundation contractor you can trust! Contact us today to get a free quote in San Clemente, CA!

Case Studies From San Clemente
Walls and Foundation are Cracking. The Soils have Shifted under the Foundation. Voids have Formed.
There are cracks running from the Block Wall, in the yard, through the Patio, and into the Home. Voids have Formed and are Expanding.
There are crracks appearing in the Walls and the Foundation of the Home. Voids have been Detected, under the Foundation, during Saber's Free...
Job Stories From San Clemente, CA
Saber was contacted by homeowner Sharleen S. of San Clemente requesting a free evaluation and estimate. She had some cracking in the tile floor downstairs, and some bowing upstairs. Project Design Specialist Ron C. visited the home and did a thorough inspection of the foundation and cracking. Ron advised her that one side of the house needed stabilization. This could be achieved by the installation of seven push piers. Sharleen was impressed by Ron's WOW! service. She writes, "Ron C. was absolutely wonderful! He was very knowledgeable, patient and exceeded my expectations in delivering fantastic customer service!" 
Large Crack in San Clemente

San Clemente resident Todd E. contacted Saber regarding Loose tiles in his home. Under the Tiles, the Concrete Slab Foundation had a large Crack. Saber's Project Design Speciailst performed a Complete Homeowner Inspection. This Large Crack, in the Foundation, went through the entire Foundation Slab, through the Patio, and up the Length of the Block wall in the Backyard. See attached Picture.

Saber Suggested Filling this Void, to stop it from Expanding any further. This would also Stabilize everything.We also Quoted Helical Tiebacks to Strengthen the Block Wall. Last of all we recommended attaching Foundation Piers to the Home's Foundation, to Lift, Strengthen, and give it Consistent Elevation.

Large Crack in San Clemente - Photo 1
Foundation Issues in San Clemente

San Clemente resident Kristy P. contacted Saber regarding Cracks in the Walls of her Home. See attached Picture.The Doors and Windows also weren't operating correctly. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a Free and Thorough Home inspection for the Homeowner. Voids have formed under the Foundation, caused by Shifting Soils.

Saber recommended attaching Push Piers to Lift and Strengthen the Foundation. This will also give the entire Foundation a Consistent Elevation. We also recommended Filling the Voids with Polyurethane, to stop the Voids from Expanding, and Stabilize the Foundation. Kristy was given Saber's Home Inspection Report, and a Quote, that is valid for 30 days.

Foundation Issues in San Clemente - Photo 1Foundation Issues in San Clemente - Photo 2
Cracking Walls in San Clemente

San Clemente resident John H. contacted Saber regarding cracks, that were spreading through the walls of his home. Our Project Design Specialist Performed a Free, Detailed Homeowner Inspection. The Foundation was sinking. The stress was causing John's walls to crack.

Our Crew excavated holes and attached Helical Piers to the Base of the Foundation. See attached picture. These Piers were then Pressurized, which Lifted, and Strengthened the Foundation. Then we Filled in the Voids, under the Foundation, with Polyutethane. This stopped the Voids from Expanding, and Stabilized the Foundation.

Cracking Walls in San Clemente - Photo 1
Helical Piering Job in San Clemente, Ca.

Over the 4 years that a homeowner and family had been in their San Clemente home, cracks on the exterior and interior walls of the home had been progressively getting longer and larger. The most change could be seen within the past year. The family was worried about further damage. They knew that the problem needed to be remedied as soon as possible.

The husband and wife had budgeted for repairs and contacted Saber to get their home's problem diagnosed and a permanent solution applied. Once Saber's project design specialist performed their inspection, it was agreed that 5 288 Helical Piers installed in key locations around the home, including directly alongside the exterior of the home and out near their back patio, would permanently stabilize the foundation, preventing any further sinking and settlement.

The family was pleased with the results and warranty guarantee. They now look forward to many more years in their newly stabilized home, not worrying about further damage caused by shifting and settling soils.

Helical Piering Job in San Clemente, Ca. - Photo 1Helical Piering Job in San Clemente, Ca. - Photo 2Helical Piering Job in San Clemente, Ca. - Photo 3Helical Piering Job in San Clemente, Ca. - Photo 4Helical Piering Job in San Clemente, Ca. - Photo 5Helical Piering Job in San Clemente, Ca. - Photo 6
2.5 Weeks of Helical Piers and Anchors in San Clemente

Homeowners in San Clemente first discovered their foundation problems when they saw cracks appear in their flooring and drywall. Their cabinets and counters were separating from adjoining walls, too. Opening and shutting doors and windows in their home was becoming difficult. Framing was exposed through multiple cracks in the stucco of the home.

When foreman Kris Smith and his team from Saber arrived, it was apparent that water was saturating the soil around the home, gaining acess through cracks in the foundation. The team reiterated when the project design specialist at the diagnosis of the problem, as time moves onward with unaddressed issues, the structural integrity of their home would be compromised. The homeowners would be unable to sell, rent, or otherwise profit off of their home.

Saber's production team began their work by cutting precisely the brick ribbon and concrete where the support piers would be installed. Helical anchors were then installed after excavating below the foundation. These anchors are crucial to Saber's lateral support system.

After all helical piers were installed under the home, a steel beam was installed below all doors and applicable windows in the home in order to spread surface area so, when lifted, the doors and windows wouldn't be out of alignment. After completing their permanent fix of the homeowners' problem, Saber took the time to lift the home, backfill the soil, and efficiently replace the concrete.

Saber's helical piers were installed into natural soil and bedrock, allowing the team to lift the settled home back to level. This enabled doors and windows to open and close properly again. The customer was intrigued by the process and services, requesting video of the installation be emailed to her when she was away from the premises.

Foundation repair in San Clemente

A homeowner in San Clemente, had noticed settlement issues occurring throughout the property.  The signs of settlement ranged from cracks in the walls of the interior and cracking of the exterior walls to doors and windows not opening and closing properly.  The homeowner knew that these issues needed to be fixed, he did his research and found that Saber was the solution to his problems.  He called upon Saber to repair the homes foundation.  A design specialist from Saber proposed that (11) steel push piers be added around the property to lift and sterilize the home.  There would need to (9) areas of concrete removed to install the piers properly.  A crew was scheduled to complete the project.  The crew from Saber arrived at the home and began their work, first they started the demo to remove the (9) areas of concrete, once the areas of concrete were removed the exaction of the soils began to expose the foundation footing.  The footing were exposed and the piers were installed, during installation of the piers the crew realized that in order to reach the soils soils beneath the foundation the pier needed to be driven deeper than the recommended distance.  Once the piers were al installed the home was lifted to maximum practical recovery and PolyLEVEL™ was injected beneath the foundation to further stabilize the home.  The homeowner no longer has issues opening and closing door in the home and is very satisfied with the work completed at his home. 

Push Piers in San Clemente, California

Homeowners in San Clemente, California, had noticed some signs of settlement at their home.  They knew that the issue would only get worse so they called on Saber Geotechnical Construction Solutions to assist them with the repairs of their investment.  The home had signs of settlement in the interior walls as well as the exterior of the home.  The design specialist from Saber proposed that the home be stabilized using the push pier system.  In order to place the piers at the right locations along the property concrete needed to be removed to allow for excavating at the foundation footings.  Sixteen locations needed to be excavated and the concrete needed to be cut and removed from those locations. Once the location had been excavated 16 piers were placed, one at each location.  There was also 7 pier locations at the property that needed helical anchor attachments with retrofit brackets for extra stabilization.  The home was then lifted to maximum practical recovery and the homeowner, no longer sees the signs of settlement and has piece of mind knowing that the home is now stabilized. 


Work Requests From San Clemente, CA
Vicinity of Calle Delicada in San Clemente
Looking to get a recommendation and quote on slab settlement correction.
Vicinity of Avenida Salvador in San Clemente
Foundation Repair quote
Vicinity of Avenida Columbo in San Clemente
Cracked slab on grade Major Soil erosion House is falling off hill (soil erosion)
Vicinity of Calle Alcazar in San Clemente
A have a large property with multiple structures. The main house and one room addition and some of the hard-scaping (in multiple locations) show signs of settling. Hairline cracks are visible in some walls. Hard-scaping has moved about 1/4 inch in some locations. House has multiple retaining walls, which I believe to be sound, the evidence of settling is on the uphill sides of the retaining wall (i.e. the retained side). Retaining walls were put in over 30 years ago). The settling has happened over the entire 30 year period, but some of it was relatively recent (3 to 5 years ago). House has lot's of deferred maintenance. But ready to do the repairs now.
Vicinity of Calle Casino in San Clemente
I recently purchased a house. Last year, the crawl space had a water leak into the garage. While the previous owner addressed the water damage, we'd like to address any future water concerns by waterproofing the crawl space and possibly the exterior wall near the crawl space that touches the garage. When we had a structural engineer inspect the home, they also found that the shear walls in the crawl space are missing from the previous repair. I'd be happy to provide photos if needed. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you!
Vicinity of Calle Del Sol in San Clemente
I'm a re construction contractor working with the this home owner. Her home suffered a fire loss and during the evaluation I found that the foundation in the back of the home needs attention before I can start repairing the home. I need to discuss with Saber the previous work that was done. Please give me a call.
Vicinity of Del Prado, Dana Point in San Clemente
Comment: Service Poly
Vicinity of Camino De Los Mares in San Clemente
Home is sliding away from garage. The gap between the garage and attached house is about 4inches.
Vicinity of Calle Vallarta in San Clemente
We have a definate lean to the back our house.
Vicinity of Arroyo in San Clemente
Comment: Service Poly
Vicinity of Avenida Cabrillo in San Clemente
Structure has signs of setting, drywall tears and uneven floors. Perimeter foundation with wood floor.
Vicinity of Calle La Serna in San Clemente
Crawl space moisture is causing mildew in the rest of the house
Vicinity of La Placentia in San Clemente
Vicinity of Calle Familia in San Clemente
Hillside home built in 1976 has slab separation at doors & sliders & several cracks. Need an inspection to assess damage.
Vicinity of in San Clemente
Vicinity of Puerta Del Sol in San Clemente
Need concrete leveled in warehouse
Vicinity of E. Avenida San Juan in San Clemente
Foundation settling, visible cracking seen interior on ceilings.
Vicinity of PUERTA DEL SOL, in San Clemente
Do you cover the Santa Ana Area ???
Vicinity of Camino Cresta in San Clemente
Trip hazards around the pool
Vicinity of Esplanade in San Clemente
French Doors hard to open and cracks on the ceiling
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