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Concrete Stem Wall Repair In San Diego, CA

Concrete Stem Wall Repair In San Diego, CA

Before After
Concrete Stem Wall Repair In San Diego, CA Concrete Stem Wall Repair In San Diego, CA

The before photo shows how moisture caused cracks in the foundation. The after photo shows how we used our Neverust™ solution to solve the problem and prevent future issues.



Concrete Removal and Replacement over Pier Locations San Diego, Ca.

Concrete Removal and Replacement over Pier Locations San Diego, Ca.

Before After
Concrete Removal and Replacement over Pier Locations San Diego, Ca. Concrete Removal and Replacement over Pier Locations San Diego, Ca.

San Diego, Ca.

Push Piers in San Diego

Push Piers in San Diego

Before After
Push Piers in San Diego Push Piers in San Diego

The before photo shows the pier placement before we install a pier.

The after photo shows the pier location after a pier was installed.

Company Awards
Saber Recognized as 10th Top Foundation Dealer in Supportworks Network
Saber was ranked 10th of Top 75 Foundation Dealers in the Supportworks network at the Redefine 2018 conference in Omaha,... [Read more]
Saber Ranks 7th in Push Pier Installations in Supportworks Network
Saber was recognized for being 7th in the Supportworks network for push pier installations.... [Read more]
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Expert Foundation Repair Company Serving San Diego, CA

San Diego resident Sherry G. commented regarding the Saber work crew. "Not only did they arrive on time, they called to...
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Testimonials From San Diego
San Diego resident Glenn O. commented regarding his working relationship with Saber. "Very nicely done with...
Testimonial by Glenn O. from San Diego, CA
San Diego resident James S. called Saber in regards to a problem he was having with his patio.
Testimonial by James S. from San Diego, CA
San Diego resident Firdous P. commented regarding The Saber crew. "The crew was great, they made sure...
Testimonial by Firdous P. from San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA foundation repair & concrete leveling experts

Saber Foundation Repair has been providing durable, long-lasting, and trusted commercial and residential foundation repair and concrete leveling in San Diego, CA since 2001.

Whether you need tough foundation pier systems, a long-lasting concrete leveling solution, or crawl space support jacks, we have the repair solutions that will better serve your project!

Supportworks guarantee

Supportworks is an international foundation repair network comprised of more than 300 independently owned and operated dealerships. Saber Foundation Repair is proud to be part of the Supportworks network and serve San Diego as a trusted concrete and foundation repair company. As a Supportworks dealer, we offer only the best residential and commercial foundation repair and concrete repair solutions that are proven effective!

Our services include:

  • Helical Piles/Helix Piers
  • Helical/Tieback Anchors
  • Push Pier/Underpinning Systems
  • Crawl Space Jacks
  • Concrete Leveling
  • PolyLevel®
  • Sidewalk & Driveway Leveling
  • DecoShield® Concrete Sealer
  • Airport & Train Track Repair
  • Void Filling & Erosion Control
  • And more!

Professional San Diego foundation repair company

stair step crack repair in San Diego

A Stair-step foundation crack is a sign of a foundation wall problem.

Are you concerned about the condition of your residential or commercial foundation? Foundation problems are a common occurrence, but that doesn't mean they aren't a big deal. If you have any of the following issues, your property could need foundation repair.

Common foundation problems

  • Cracked foundation walls or floors
  • Bowing or buckling foundation walls
  • Sticking windows and doors in the living area
  • Walls leaning inwards at the top
  • Sinking or unlevel floors and slabs
  • Foundation settlement

If you’ve noticed any of these problems, don’t hesitate to contact the home foundation repair experts at Saber Foundation Repair. We have the expertise and solutions to repair all types of foundation problems, whether it’s a foundation crack, a buckling foundation wall, or another issue.

Restore your property with concrete leveling

Do you have a cracked or uneven sidewalk, warehouse floor, airport, or bridge approach? No one wants to deal with unsightly and potentially hazardous concrete, which is why we provide expert concrete leveling with PolyLevel®.

The PolyLevel® system is a polyurethane foam that is injected underneath the concrete slab to raise and stabilize the surface. This process is non-invasive and is done very quickly, providing an accurate, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly concrete repair solution.

Schedule a free estimate today!

Saber Foundation Repair is thrilled to offer residential and commercial property owners in San Diego and nearby free estimates on our services. From foundation crack repair to concrete lifting, the pros at Saber Foundation Repair have you covered!

Let’s get the ball rolling on your house foundation repair or concrete restoration project in San Diego. Call us at 1-877-203-4601 or click below today to get started!

Case Studies From San Diego
Saber was called in by General Contractor D.J. Scheffler Inc. of Pomona to repair settling foundations for one of the three-story buildings (No. 27)...
the footing has movement down causing internal damage.
Cracks have formed in walls. The Deck is starting to seperate from the home and creep down a hill.
Press Releases From San Diego
Saber Foundation Repair has recently joined the largest network of foundation repair contractors in ...
Saber Foundation Repair has recently joined the largest network of foundation repair contractors in North America.... [Read more]
Job Stories From San Diego, CA
Foundation Settling Repair in San Diego, CA


After living in his San Diego home for ten years, Jeffrey C. decided he wanted to rent it out but noticed concerning signs of foundation issues—sagging floors and wall cracks—hinting at settling problems. Realizing the seriousness, he sought help from Saber Foundation Repair for a comprehensive inspection and potential repairs.

Saber's specialist confirmed significant foundation problems. To fix this, they installed a SmartJack for floor recovery and added a steel beam for reinforcement, ensuring the house's solidity. With Saber's expertise in foundation settling repair and thorough inspection, Jeffrey's property is now secure. He can confidently proceed with renting out the house, confident of its stability and safety.

Home Foundation Repair in San Diego, Ca

San Diego homeowner, Brett M., had water entering into his crawl space due to heavy rain. His house started to show signs of structural problems and he knew it was time to get some serious help. Saber Foundation Repair evaluated the problem area and offered Brett a solution that would eliminate the problem for good. 


First, Saber replaced the deteriorated wooden post and installed a smartjack in the crawl space. This would effectively support sagging beams. In addition, push piers were added to provide the addition support needed to lift the homes foundation for good. There's no doubt that Brett can now enjoy a healthy supported home for years to come. 

Driveway Foundation Crack Repair in San Diego, CA

Jim, a long-term resident of San Diego in a vintage 1927 home, noticed his driveway sinking gradually over the years. Concerned about the potential trip hazard and damage to his car due to cracks, he sought solutions online. Jim discovered Saber Foundation Repair and reached out for assistance.

Following his call, Tyler Wells scheduled an evaluation of the driveway. Tyler identified foundation issues stemming from soil settling beneath Jim's home. With this understanding, Jim gained assurance that Saber Foundation Repair could restore his sinking driveway to its original level state.

Seismic Retrofitting in San Diego, CA

Homeowner Kennedy D. has been living in an older home in San Diego for 6 months to find out they have a moist and smelly crawl space. Kennedy knew he was going to have to invest in encapsulation for his home. When Kennedy contacted Saber he said, “Before buying the house we didn't smell anything, I believe the previous owners opened the windows before we arrived. When we moved into the house, I realize it smells musty. I want to find a solution to the problem.” Project Design Specialist Paul D. did the evaluation on the home and discovered that other than finding that there was an area of the crawl space that had more moisture than usual which was causing the disgusting smell. Paul also discovered that there is also a weak point in Kennedy’s foundation. Kennedy liked what he heard and went ahead with the project. he stated, “Paul helped me identify that the gutters were the problem on top of exactly where the water was flowing in the crawlspace. Without their help, I would not have found where I needed to remove the rotted wood and fix the gutter on top of them, re-enforcing my foundation. Saber saved me over $100,0000.00+ because if they hadn't found the source of the problem, the moisture would have further damaged my house, and the foundation would have eventually cracked. In the next year or two, I'm looking to have them encapsulate my crawlspace. Saber's customer service, as well as its work ethic, is stellar. After having four other professionals check my place, no one could find the exact problems outside the service they offered. I recommend Saber for quality service and an ethical approach to finding your crawlspace or basement needs!” Here at Saber, we believe in working together to bring homeowners a redefining experience and to achieve their goals of having a safe and secure home. 

French Drain in San Diego

San Diego resident Stephen C. contacted Saber regarding drainage problems alongside his house. Our design specialist determined that Stephen would be a great candidate for French drain installation.

Foreman Joe S. and crew arrived at the job site on time and ready to work. They dug the trench and properly installed the french drain, eliminating the drainage issue that Stephen was having on his property. 

Steven was very happy with the work performed and gave Joe and crew a great review.

French Drain in San Diego - Photo 1
Solidifying the Foundation of a Home on a Hill in San Diego

San Diego resident Randall C. contacted Saber regarding cracks in the walls of their home, and their deck was starting to slide down the a hill.

Saber's Crew installed Helical Tiebacks to the Posts, and Foundation supporting their Deck. We then attached Helical Piers to the Foundation, to lift the Portion's that were sliding Down the hill. Last of all, we filled the Voids with Polyurethane. The attached Picture shows a Helical Pier being Pressurized.

Solidifying the Foundation of a Home on a Hill in San Diego - Photo 1
Seismic Retrofitting a San Diego Home

San Diego resident Rochelle D contacted Saber regarding Seismic Retrofitting her home. The Floors were also sagging. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a thorough Inspection of Rochelle's Home. The Home had slid on it's Foundation, and some of the Crawlspace Support Posts were leaning. See attached picture.

Saber attached Universal Foundation Plates, A35 Framing Angles, and Post Caps. These Components Strengthened the Connection between the Home and it's Foundation. The Post Caps also secured the Support Posts to the Floor Joists and the Concrete Bases.

Seismic Retrofitting a San Diego Home - Photo 1
Seismic Retrofitting in San Diego

San Diego resident John S. contacted Saber regarding upgrading the Seismic Retrofitting of his home. He wanted his home to meet current California Building Code Standards.

Sabers crew installed Universal Foundation Plates, and A35 Framing Angles, to strengthen the connection between the Foundation and the Home. Then we installed Post caps, to Strengthen the connection between the Support Post, the Floor Joists, and the Support Post Bases.

Seismic Retrofitting in San Diego - Photo 1
Eliminating Sagging Floors in San Diego

San Diego resident Herman T. contacted Saber regarding Sagging Floors in his Home. Our Project Design Specialist performed a complete Home Inspection. The Support Posts in the Crawlspace were Sliding on their Bases.

Our Crew Installed Steel I Beams to the existing Wood Floor Joists. We then Installed and Pressurized All Metal Smart Jacks. See the attached picture. This gave Herman's Floors back their Consistent Elevation. The Sagging Floor issue has been Completely Eliminated.

Eliminating Sagging Floors in San Diego - Photo 1
Trip Hazards Eliminated in San Diego

San Diego resident Kathleen C. contacted Saber regarding Trip Hazards in her garage floor and driveway. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a Free Homeowner Inspection. Voids had formed under the garage and the driveway. The mis-aligned and cracking concrete was the result. See the attached picture.

Our crew drilled holes through the concrete and into the Voids. We then filled the Voids with Polyurethane, by using Saber's State-of-the-Art PolyLevel Injection Process. This filled the holes, and lifted the sinking areas of concrete. Last of all we ground down the high edges of the cracks, and applied Nexus Plus, to fill the cracks.

Trip Hazards Eliminated in San Diego - Photo 1
Trip Hazard Elimination in San Diego

San Diego property managers Mandy, and Pam, contacted Saber regarding cracked walkways and patios at one of their properties. Sabers Project Design Specialist Inspected the entire property. A lot of the concrete was too badly damaged to be repaired.

Saber's crew excavated the broken concrete slabs and removed the debris. Forms were built, and new concrete was poured. The attached picture shows Saber's finished work.

Trip Hazard Elimination in San Diego - Photo 1
Smart Jacks For Sagging Floors in San Diego

San Diego resident Renee L. contacted Saber regarding the sagging floors in her home. Saber' Project Design Specialist gave Renee's home a thorough Inspection. The Support Posts, in the home's Crawlspace, were in the process of sliding off of their concrete bases. This happens quite often, with older homes, in Southern California, due to earthquakes.

Saber's crew installed steel I Beams, to support the wood Floor Joists, and to spread the load of the floor. Then holes were dug and filled with gravel. Last of all, Saber's crew attached All Metal Smart Jacks to both Lift, and Stabilize the Floor. These components all combine to give Renee's Floor a consistent elevation.

Smart Jacks For Sagging Floors in San Diego - Photo 1
5 Piers for San Diego Apartment

An apartment in San Diego was observed by management to have numerous cracks throughout the stucco. When a Project Design Specialist from Saber came to evaluate their problem, the building was found to have significant settling.

Foreman, Joe Delgado, and his team began work soon after. First, Saber exposed the footing, removing tile and concrete. Five piers were installed to stabalize the side of the building that settled. The piers proved to be a permanent fix, preventing any further settlement of the affected area.

The customer was pleased with the efficiency of the Saber team and proceeded to leave a great review. The site of work completed was left in better condition than before the project began.

5 Piers for San Diego Apartment - Photo 15 Piers for San Diego Apartment - Photo 25 Piers for San Diego Apartment - Photo 3
San Diego/La Jolla's Fire Station No. 9 Gets a Lift

Our PolyLevel foreman, Richard Whitehead, and his team, traveled to Fire Station No. 9, in La Jolla/ San Diego, to help remedy their slab floor's significant movement and fissure issues. After years of heavy fire truck and equipment use, small to medium hairline cracks had appeared throughout the station floor.

Upon diagnosis, It was found that the movement was most centered at the interior expansion joint. High density 4 lb. joint sealant, PolyLevel, was injected 6 feet in every direction from the control joint.

Saber and PolyLevel fixed the fire station's problem by solidifying the existing soils and filling small voids; stopping movements in the slabs. Now, Station 9's fleet can drive to emergencies feeling secure that their floor slabs won't move and compromise their life saving equipment.

San Diego/La Jolla's Fire Station No. 9 Gets a Lift - Photo 1San Diego/La Jolla's Fire Station No. 9 Gets a Lift - Photo 2San Diego/La Jolla's Fire Station No. 9 Gets a Lift - Photo 3San Diego/La Jolla's Fire Station No. 9 Gets a Lift - Photo 4San Diego/La Jolla's Fire Station No. 9 Gets a Lift - Photo 5
CleanSpace installed in SD

Homeowners in San Diego, were looking for ways to make their home more energy efficient and to keep moisture out of their homes crawlspace.  After spending many hours researching the different ways to resolve their issues, they found that Saber and the CleanSpace encapsulation installed be Saber was the best option for them.  CleanSpace encapsulation is a 20 mil thick plastic liner, similar to a pool liner that can be fitted in your crawlspace to completely seal off your home from the earth.  The material is incredibly durable, will last as long as the home, and will stay in place.  Not only does CleanSpace make the homes crawlspace moisture free, and makes the home more energy efficient it also adds space for storage.  The Saber CleanSpace installation crew was scheduled to complete the project, they arrived at the site and went right to work.  The crew installed 812 sqft of CleanSpace to the homes crawlspace area.  The process to install the CleanSpace began with the a dimpled polyethylene membrane under the CleanSpace liner which allows for water to flow to a sump in the crawlspace, once this is installed, the lining is then attached to the walls with fasteners that are permanently driven into the walls.  The Saber crew worked diligently to complete the crawlspace.  Once the crawlspace was completed the old vents were removed and the spaces were then covered to keep out moisture.   The homeowners can now not only enjoy the energy efficiency of the CleanSpace, but also the added benefits: CleanSpace has an antimicrobial additive manufactured into the material, which prevents mold growth on the liner.  This additive is odorless and safe.  

CleanSpace in San Diego

A homeowner in San Diego, was experiencing water damage and dampness in the crawlspace of the home.  The homeowner knew that letting the water just sit, was not only doing damage to the home but also could possibly be causing harm to the family living in the home.  The water could be causing mold to grow and the health of the family could be compromised.  The homeowner found Saber and scheduled for a Design Specialist to visit the property for an evaluation.  The Specialist found that the home would benefit from the CleanSpace encapsulation, installed by Saber.  There was standing water in areas of the crawlspace that needed to be dried out, before the CleanSpace could be installed.  A CleanSpace crew from Saber was scheduled to begin work on the property,  they started off by regrading the crawlspace for proper drainage.  Once the drainage was complete and the water had been dried out of the crawlspace, the CleanSpace liner was then installed.  The installation included a smart sump and a drainage exit line to kept out the moisture.  Then an ever last door was installed and all vents where then covered.  The homeowner now has piece of mind knowing the home is moisture free and risk the families health is no longer an issue.

CleanSpace encapsulation in San Diego

Homeowners in San Diego, California, were looking for a way to make their dirty musty crawlspace more energy efficient and possibly use it for added storage.  They contracted Saber to take their dirty crawl space and make it a CleanSpace.  With the CleanSpace encapsulation by Saber, they were able to achieve their goal.  

A dirt filled crawl space adds a continuous stream of water vapor into your home, and any underground leakage lays in the crawl space slowly evaporating into the home.  This home also has a block wall which in most homes, this is the easiest and cheapest material to build a foundation, however; they are also the least resistant to water and air going through them since there are so many joints in the wall.  So like it or not you are breathing dirt crawlspace air.  Once the CleanSpace was complete, the vents that were once needed around the home, are no longer needed so the Saber crew added vent covers to the ten existing vented areas around the home.  With the CleanSpace encapsulation system, installed by Saber, these homeowners know are breathing clean air and have a nice “clean” crawlspace to use for storage.  

Push Piers in San Diego

Homeowners in San Diego, California, had noticed some signs of settlement at their home.  They knew that the issue would only get worse so they called on Saber Geotechnical Construction Solutions to assist them with the repairs of their investment.  The home had signs of settlement in the interior walls as well as the exterior of the home.  The design specialist from Saber proposed that the home be stabilized using the push pier system.  In order to place the piers at the right locations along the property concrete needed to be removed to allow for excavating at the foundation footings.  One area of concrete need to be removed to place a pier.  Then the locations needed to be excavated.  Once the locations had been excavated 3 piers were placed, one at each location.  Once the piers had been placed they were set up for the lift. The home was then lifted to maximum practical recovery, the concrete area that needed to be removed was then re-poured, and the job was complete. The homeowner no longer sees the signs of settlement and has piece of mind knowing that the home is now stabilized. 

Push Piers in San Diego

Homeowners in San Diego needed to have their foundation repaired.  They did some research and found Saber to be the best option.  The Saber crew arrived at the home in a timely manner and began the project. The first thing that needed to be completed was to remove concrete in one area of the property to excavate the soils and expose the foundation footings.  Once this process was completed the crew then installed 3 push piers to lift and stabilize the home.  Once the piers had been installed and the lift completed the holes were then backfilled and the concrete that was removed, was then re-poured.  The homeowners now have piece of mind knowing that they biggest investment is stabile and no longer has signs of settlement. 

PushPiers, Helical Anchors and PolyLEVEL™ void fill in San Diego

Homeowners in San Diego, California, had started to notice a lot of cracking in the interior and exterior of their home.  They also noticed separation that had formed in the slab of their patio deck.  These are all signs of soil settlement.  This type of settlement is due to the expansive soils beneath the homes foundation.  The homeowners knew they needed to find a fix for this issue before it became much more serious.  The home is built on a slop so the settlement is can become a major issue if not corrected.  The homeowners did some research and found Saber, they set an appointment for a Saber design specialist to come to the property for a free property evaluation.  The design specialist proposed that the home be stabilized and lifted to maximum practical recovery using Push Piers.  It was also proposed to use helical anchors for lateral support, and then use PolyLEVEL™ to fill any void that may have been caused due to the lift of the property.  The Saber crew was then scheduled to complete the project.  The Crew arrived and went to work using the proposed design to map out the pier locations, some locations required concrete to be cut and removed to get to the footing, once the locations had been determined the crew began to excavate the areas in order to place the piers at the proper locations.  Ten Push Piers were placed around the property as well as six Helical Anchors.  During the process of installing the piers, it was noted that the piers had to go down deeper then originally planned to hit bedrock or stabile soils beneath the foundation, once they hit bed rock the set up process and lift could be conducted.  Then the lift and stabilization of the property was preformed.  Once the lift had been completed the PolyLEVEL™ was injected beneath the foundation to fill any voids and the home is now stabilized and lifted to maximum practical recovery,  The homeowners no longer see the signs of settlement that once plaqued their home.  The cracks that had formed are now closed and any doors and windows that were hard to open and close are no longer an issue.  The homeowners are happy to know that the home is also has lateral support. 

PolyLEVEL™ and crack repair in San Diego

Saber was contracted to fix a home with settlement issues, in San Diego, California.  The homeowners had noticed signs of settlement in the interior and exterior of the home.  There was also a significant crack in the foundation slab.  They knew something needed to be done, before the issue became worse.

 With the PolyLEVEL™ system, Saber was able to stabilize the soils beneath the home's foundation as well as lift the slab.  Once the PolyLEVEL™ was injected the signs of the soils failure began to disappear, almost immediately.  The cracks in the slab began to close and the interior and exterior cracks that had formed also closed.  The Saber team then had to do some crack repair on the significant slab crack, by stitching the crack and stapling the rebar. Now the signs of settlement are gone and the homeowners can enjoy their home once again. 

Pool Deck repair in Santee, California

Homeowners in Santee, California, had noticed that the deck around their pool had begun to sink in areas and was causing unsightly trip hazards.  After doing some research about the methods to fix the damage caused by the soil settlement below the slab, the homeowners knew that they wanted to use a company that would inject foam under the slab.  The other options were thought to be too time consuming and also expensive.  The homeowner knew they wanted something that was light weight, with a quick finish time and something that would not break the budget.  The homeowners insisted the help of Saber to fix their pool deck.  The crew from Saber arrived promptly at the scheduled date and time.  The work was competed much to the homeowners satisfaction.  There was a hang up at one point during the process, and the Saber team made sure to inform the homeowner of the issues and their options.  The issue was that there was an area that had been to tight for the foam injection, if injected more cracks would have been caused, so the fix was to grind down that area, rather then leave it as is or try to add the injection.  The homeowner was very pleased with the work preformed and says she would hire the Saber crew again in a heartbeat!


Theresa M. was concerned about her homes movement that she noticed after that San Diego's 7.0 quake easter 2010. After research online she determined that Saber had the best reviews and would be the best company to evaluate the property. Her home was built in 1952, 850 square feet with garage and basement below.  

Upon inspection, Saber’s Project Specialist,  Daniel G. proposed to install 19 retro fit brackets to reinforce the foundation.

Saber's certified Crawl Space crew utilized Simpson Strong Tie seismic plates connecting the wood structure of the home to the concrete foundation. The seismic upgrade took one day to complete. Theresa is now content with the fact that the property is once again stable and has been reinforced in the event of another earthquake, which in California is inevitable. 


Push Piers and Void Fill in San Diego

In San Diego, California, Saber Foundations was contracted to repair a home with settlement issues.  The windows and doors had begun to stick and the slab had cracks in it indicating that the settlement of the foundation, or the soils beneath it rather, was a major concern.  This type of settling is usually caused by a shift in the soils supporting the foundation, as the California heat takes its tool on many elements, it also shrinks the clay in the supporting soils.  With the Push Pier System, by Foundation Supportworks, Inc, installation is easy and the effects are immediate.  Push Piers are easily driven into the ground beneath a home until they hit hard solid supporting soils.  Brackets are attached to the foundation footing to drive the piers in at the right angle and to transfer the lifting from the pier to the home’s foundation.  


During this installation 2 Push Piers were installed.  These piers work together to transfer the weight of the structure to the strong soils or bedrock below.  After installation, a void was added under the home, to prevent the structure from future foundation issues.  Also, the cracks that had formed int he slab were then repaired, by epoxy injection. The homeowner can now rest easy knowing that the foundation of the home is repaired and the signs of the soils shifting will no longer be an issue.  


SmartJacks™ and Push Piers in San Diego

In San Diego, California, Saber was contracted to repair a homeowners foundation issues.  The homeowner, Laura D., had noticed that the floors were sagging in areas and the walls had cracks, and the doors and windows throughout the home had become harder to open and close.  The homeowner, had researched the internet and found Saber, she liked the feedback she saw from other happy consumer's and liked the fact the company was reputable and has been in the area for many years.

Saber sent out a sales representative to inspect the property and give the homeowner a free estimate, on the repairs. The finding determined that the home did in fact have severe settlement issues which caused cracks in the slab and other noticeable problems with the foundation. This type of settlement is usually caused by a shift in the soils supporting the foundation.  The recommendation to the homeowner was to use the Push Pier System, by Foundation Supportworks, Inc, as well as in the area of sagging floors and the crawlspace the SmartJack™ system would be installed.  The homeowner was impressed with the professionalism of the Saber sales rep and was ready to sign the contract.  

The Saber office then scheduled a crew to go to the home and complete the job.  The crew began by digging 10 holes, and installing the Push Piers, by Foundation Supportworks, this installation is rather easy and the effects are immediate.  push Piers are easily driven into the ground beneath the home until they hit hard solid supporting soils.  Brackets were then attached to the foundation footings and driven in at the right angle to transfer the lifting from the pier to the home's foundation. During the installation 2 areas of concrete had to be removed to install piers, and in all 12 piers were installed.

In Addition, to the push pier system, the home also had a crawlspace in which the crew installed 14 SmartJacks™. The SmartJack™ system is used to stabilize and level girders and floor joists.  The crew excavated a 2' cube of soil at each SmartJack™ location.  The holes were then filled with an engineered fill that consists of tightly-compacted crushed stone.  A concrete base was then placed and leveled on top of the fill.  Next, steel columns were cut to the appropriate height to fit in the crawlspace.  The steel column and its components were assembled and connected to the girder, and the SmartJacks™ were then tightened into place.  The above floors and walls were then lifted back into their original position, and the noticeable sagging floor was no longer an issue. 

Once the installation of the piers and the SmartJacks™ was complete, the crew then repaired the cracks that had formed due to the settlement.  The homeowner now notices that the floor no longer sag, and the doors and windows that were once hard to open and close, now open and close with ease.   The homeowner was very happy with the work preformed, by Saber.

Foundation Repair in Encinitas, California

An investigation of a property in Encinitas, California, found that the foundation should be supported by means of underpinning, in the areas of failure.  In addition to supporting the foundation, it is also important to raise the foundation to maximum practical recovery, to prevent future failure.  

A crew was scheduled to fix the issue, they installed seven push piers, under the foundation footings, to the load bearing stratum.  Once the piers were installed and the brackets placed, the crew then lifted the home to maximum practical recovery.  Once the lift was completed the rear deck was leveled, by repositioning the support beams.  

The customer was very satisfied with the outcome of the project. 

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I am under contract on a property in Chula Vista and would love some opinion on the foundation. I don't know that there are necessarily any issues. Just would like a high level inspection and opinion on one exterior crack on the slab in particular.
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