You're going to pay for your foundation problems, whether you fix them or not

Monday, November 28th, 2016 by Jennifer Ohlsson

Youre going to pay for your foundation problems whether you fix them or not - Image 1People in Villa Park, Brea, and throughout Southern California are going to sell and buy homes. It's inevitable. Each time you or anyone else purchases a home, they employ a home inspector, maybe even more than one. There are also disclosure forms a seller must fill out, explaining anything 'wrong' with the home, meaning that anyone interested in buying your home will learn about your settling foundation.

Many home buyers will walk away from cracked walls, uneven slabs, and a failing foundation. The worth of your home will be sub par as well. Why sell your house for less than it's worth? Would you remove the cost of repairing your home's foundation from the asking price of your home? Chances are, buyers will request that you have the foundation fixed before moving forward further.

Enjoy peace of mind by getting your foundation, crawlspace, concrete, or other problem fixed before you even consider selling your home. The problem will only get worse, and additional cost will no doubt be incurred. Your home is your biggest investment, treat it as such and keep it as healthy as possible. Live in comfort and, when you're ready, sell your home for all that it's worth! 

If you have any questions or feel your home may have an issue, please call Saber for your FREE inspection and estimate now!

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