Why You Should Insulate Your Crawl Space Before Selling Your Southern California Home

Monday, February 27th, 2017 by Jennifer Ohlsson

Many people in Southern California in areas like Glendora and Coachella are looking to sell their homes and sell them for the highest value! This process doesn't have to be long and drawn out due to foundation or crawl space problems found during an initial inspection. There are myriad reasons why you should have your crawl space inspected by Saber BEFORE you place your home on the market! An initial required home inspector may find issues with your crawl space and request that you get them evaluated by a foundation/ crawl space expert. Why keep a potential home buyer waiting and extend the process? Have your home ready!

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If you're still on the fence about how your crawl space may be affecting both your home's environment and value, read below on how a dirt crawl space could impact the future sale of your home:

  • The dirt in a crawl space is a breeding ground for mold. The soil has a high humidity and is perpetually damp. Why would a potential home buyer want to purchase a home that is only going to need further mold tests and removal?
  • A home's air circulation flows from bottom to top. This means that the air in your crawl space is being circulated throughout every level of your home! This includes with it the allergens, odors, and other harmful elements that could be lurking in your crawl space. When you show your home, be confident that the potential home buyer won't notice a musty odor.
  • The cost of heating and cooling a home with a ventilated crawl space is high. A great selling point of a CleanSpace crawl space is the potential to save a lot of money on energy costs!
  • Insects and critters love a damp moist environment. Keep your home free of these pests with a CleanSpace System. A family with a newly purchased home won't want to have to deal with a pest problem soon after move in!

The CleanSpace system's 7-layer liner effectively creates a sealed barrier between your home and the earth, sealing away allergens, mold growth, increasing your home's value, and more! Another benefit is the potential for increased storage space, another perk for a new home owner! Be sure your home is ready to sell and your crawl space is free of any unwanted surprises! Call Saber for a FREE inspection and estimate of improvement by calling 1-800-922-2488 or visit us to learn more about our crawl space services and to schedule an appointment at

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