Why Mudjacking Isn't the Best Choice for Raising Your Concrete Slabs...Here's Why

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 by Jennifer Ohlsson

Many homeowners in and around Northridge and Lynwood have concrete slabs around their homes, whether they be a driveway, carport, or patio. Concrete pool decks are also popular around Southern California. The truth about concrete is that over time, slabs crack from heat and they sink. Homeowners may believe that mudjacking, injecting a cement slurry, or mud mixture beneath a sinking slab, is the permanent solution for their concrete problems. Below are points for homeowners to consider when thinking about mudjacking as a possible solution for their concrete problems, and why Saber's PolyLevel polyurethane injection is a better solution.

The drawbacks to mudjacking are numerous and include the fact that is very messy, extremely heavy, and requires a contractor to make large holes in the concrete slab, about the size of a soda can! Having more added weight to the underlying soil will actually make the sinking problem WORSE over time. A homeowner can't walk or drive on the concrete slab for several days, making it very inconvenient.Why Mudjacking Isnt the Best Choice for Raising Your Concrete SlabsHeres Why - Image 1

Saber's PolyLEVEL polyurethane injection foam is a more technologically advanced way to raise and level concrete slabs. This high density polymer foam requires much smaller holes (the size of a penny) to be drilled in the concrete and the foam expands evenly, allowing for a more accurate lift. It also cures in under an hour, making it possible for the homeowner to utilize the slab the same day as installation. It is also extremely lightweight, less than 4lbs per cubic foot! Mudjacking is 120lbs! The foam is also waterproof and will never wash out from under the slab. The lifting Force of PolyLEVEL ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 pounds per square foot! The material is also environmentally friendly. It will not rot or deteriorate underground.

The myriad reasons why PolyLEVEL is the better alternative to mudjacking are obvious. If you have cracked or unlevel concrete slabs around your home, call Saber at 1-877-203-4601 or visit our website to learn more about our concrete repair services at



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