Complete Your Spring Cleaning from the Foundation Up

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 by Jennifer Ohlsson

Welcome Spring! The rain is tapering off here in Southern California and the pollen is out in full force. Many homeowners in areas like West Hollywood and Temple City are beginning the arduous task of spring cleaning. What many don't realize is that spring cleaning should consist of more than simply vacuuming rooms and reorganizing the closet. Why not work on your home from the ground up, making sure your home is in top shape for the coming year?

Whether you have a raised or slab foundation, homeowners in Southern California should take advantage of Saber's FREE foundation inspection and estimate. Don't wait until you see cracks in the walls, or doors and windows are hard to close, telltale signs of a settling foundation. Take the time to walk your home, looking for uneven floors, gaps between doors and walls, or any odors coming from your crawlspace.

 Complete Your Spring Cleaning from the Foundation Up - Image 1

There may be cracks in the slab of a garage floor, or a driveway may be cracking and sinking. Many homes are on raised foundations and should be seismically retrofitted. Add another safety measure to a home by bolting the home to the foundation.  

Be sure that inspecting your home's structure is on the list of things to do during your time spring cleaning. Rest easy knowing your home is both clean and secure. Call Saber at 1-877-203-4601 or visit our website at



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