Is Your Concrete Foundation Failing? Here Are Signs

Monday, May 1st, 2017 by Jennifer Ohlsson

'Problems don't get better with time, they only get worse'.

This fact could be applicable to many situations but is especially true in the case of foundation failure. Homeowners in areas like Valencia, CA. and Monterey Park, CA. should be extra vigilant to what their home is telling them, whether they are looking to purchase, sell, or have lived in their home for years. Foundation failure happens over time, and a home will begin to show signs early on.

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Poured foundation walls are more apt to lean in at the top, rather than bow in the middle like concrete block foundations. This leaning may cause cracks in the exterior and interior walls of the home. Diagonal cracking at corners of a poured wall is also a sign of failure. The cracks are diagonal due to the wall being supported by the adjacent walls.

Ceiling panels may also exhibit signs of cracking when a home's foundation has settled over shifting soils. Due to the unevenness of the home, floors may be slanted and doors and windows won't align, making them hard to open and close completely or easily. Even if a door closes, the door itself may not be properly aligned in its frame. 

Externally, driveway cracks, exterior staircase separation, and other signs of shifting may be a telltale sign of a settling or failing concrete foundation. This and the aforementioned symptoms shouldn't be ignored. Time is not on the homeowner's side when it comes to the failure of a home's foundation. The sooner the problem is assessed and fixed, the better.

All of Saber's 90-minute foundation inspections are FREE to homeowners throughout Southern California. In order to find the correct solution, their highly skilled project design specialists need to conduct a complete evaluation of the home. Following the inspection, the specialist will discuss any findings and recommended solutions to the homeowner. They are also equipped with technology to describe in detail with the customer why and how their foundation is failing. Call Saber at 800-922-4288 or visit the website to schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

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