June Is National Safety Awareness Month

Friday, June 30th, 2017 by Jennifer Ohlsson

June is National Safety Awareness Month. Earlier, Saber posted a blog on how to keep dehydration at bay in Southern California in areas like Wilmington, CA, Canyon Country, CA, and Gardena, CA. Before the close of the month, we wanted to add a few other tips for keeping safe around the home and work place. Many homeowners may not know they are at risk from these common safety hazards.

Fire Hazards

Many of the most prevalent hazards in and around the home are electrical. Keep an eye on how many appliances, small or otherwise, are plugged in at one time. In summer, it's tempting to have numerous fans plugged into the same outlets as hot tools, small kitchen, or office appliances and electronics. Be sure to unplug any small appliances not in use in every room and check cords for any that are frayed or damaged.


June Is National Safety Awareness Month - Image 1


Sharp Objects

Kitchen items like knives, scissors, and skewers should obviously be kept out of the reach of children, however, many homeowners don't think to include cheese graters, cork screws, peelers, and food processing materials, whether or not they are plugged in. Spring and summer are gardening  and home improvement seasons. Don't leave out your rakes, trowels, power tools, or other sharp items either

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Toxic Chemicals

Toxic household chemicals are harmful to both children and pets. Keep items like bleach, detergent pods, insecticide, furniture polish, other cleaners, as well as solvents up in a high or locked cabinet. Also be sure to keep paint and other chemicals away from heat or flame. If you are painting indoors, cleaning an oven, or otherwise using harmful chemicals indoors (or in the garage), be sure to have proper ventilation.


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Additionally, don't let allergens from a musty or damp crawl space, uneven floors, cracked concrete trip hazards, or other issues with your home become real and dangerous problems. Earthquakes happen year round. Be sure your raised foundation has your home bolted to it with a secure seismic retrofit. Call Saber or visit our site to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate to set your home to rights.



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