Why Repair My Home NOW?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 by George Stez

Safety concerns? Need peace of mind? Losing property value?   

Unless there’s a problem or a symptom, homeowners generally don’t think about their house’s foundation and aren’t always happy to incur a new home expense when that foundation needs repairs. 

We work with customers every day who are facing this issue. But, there are many reasons why would should repair your home now. And that’s before an emergency arises.

Here are the three main reasons from our clients:

  1. Property Value – If you plan to sell in the near or intermediate future, how much you can get for your home is likely top of mind. Real estate agents say at times they need to discount a house by up to 30 percent when a foundation issue is present.
  2. Peace of Mind – Many homeowners just sleep better knowing a bowing foundation wall has been stabilized, or a sagging part of their basement floor is now supported. The assurance an issue has been fixed and won’t pose more problems is a reason why many homeowners decide to fix their home’s foundation sooner – before it becomes an urgent problem.
  3. Quality of Life – A potential safety issue can greatly impact how comfortable you feel in your home. Perhaps you have a musty smell coming up from your crawl space, which could be the result of mold and mildew. Tilting floors can cause trip hazards, while bowing walls can eventually give way. Fixing these issues can not only improve your health, but also raise the standard of happiness you feel in your home.

There are many specific reasons why homeowners choose to get their foundations fixed, but those who are proactive tend to see fewer overall issues and spend less, too.

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