How To Fix A Trip Hazard - Fix uneven concrete with PolyLevel

If you are now noticing uneven concrete around your home, you are probably wondering what the best solution is or if it is even worth the hassle. These are common questions that homeowners in San Diego County ask themselves. Make no mistake: concrete that is uneven, cracked or broken won’t fix itself. In fact, it definitely will get worse overtime because of the underlying causes and be a huge headache. And by then the problems will be bigger and solution will be more costly. Doesn’t it make sense to fix it now, and protect your home from future problems?

Concrete issues impact important parts of your life probably more than you realize. They impact the safety of your home and it’s surrounding, putting your quality of life at risk. The last thing you want is to get a phone call hearing that a loved one has fell and seriously injured themselves. Which I think most of can relate to.

To keep your home safe and restore its value we use the PolyLevel system is a state-of-the-art approach to repairing sinking concrete. It takes the old-fashioned concept of Mudjacking and massively improves upon it by using modern technology and superior materials.

Rather than using cement slurry (a mixture of concrete and mud), this method uses high-density, lightweight, structural-grade polymers to lift, level and stabilize slabs. This makes it easy to return concrete surfaces to the desired level.

A minimum number of pea-sized holes are drilled into the slab, and specialized equipment is used to inject the polymer foam into the voids under the unstable slab. No heavy equipment is needed.

After the voids are filled, the specially formulated material expands. This provides precise lifting and stabilization of the slab without adding any significant weight. In effect, the slab will stay afloat on this ultra-light, waterproof and wash-out-proof material without increasing pressure on weak or unstable soils

You are probably wondering, is the foam really strong enough to stabilize concrete? Most definitely! PolyLevel is so strong that it is also used many major commercial projects to lift and level heavy structure and high traffic areas such as: roads, bridges, grain bins, industrial buildings, warehouses,   and even railroads and airport runways!

There are many advantages to using our PolyLevel service to repair your concrete’s strength and stabilization. First your home will have a more appealing appearance and will be much safer! By leveling your concrete, you can complete eliminate tripping hazards. You can enjoy having risk free even slabs of concrete with fewer holes.

Also, there is no risk of patchwork-like results from mismatched new concrete. Another big benefit to having a safe, attractive concrete on the driveway, garage floor, pool deck or other surface holds more value. Therefore, restoring your property’s value and will maintain that value in the long run.

There are other ways to fix your concrete like Mudjacking or replacing your concrete slabs. However, these alternative “solutions” are not as great as you think compared to our PolyLevel service. Ultimately all these services are meant to do the same thing and that is fixing your uneven concrete. But only PolyLevel is long lasting, new concrete will eventually have the same problems again and you don’t want to keep fixing your concrete over and over again.

Mudjacking has a similar problem, it uses cement slurry which is extremely heavy (weighing in at 120 pounds per cubic foot!) This is too much weight for the soil to hold under the slab which will cause your concrete slab to start sinking again! Both Mudjacking and replacing the concrete have other drawbacks such as, not compressing underlying soil during installation, not being long lasting, not being waterproof, they are very loud and disruptive to your local community, does not have a uniform appearance and has discoloration, and lastly these options also take hours before you can use your concrete again. PolyLevel not only has none of these draw backs but is ready to use within 15 minutes and is the only option that is environmentally friendly!This uneven concrete is caused by voids underneath the ground. We can show you how to fix it using our modern PolyLevel


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