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In Carlsbad, California, Saber Foundations was contracted to fix foundation issues with a home that is set on a hill.  The supporting soils had begun to shift and the home began to fall toward the slope of the hill in which it is positioned on.  The home was purchased, by the new homeowner with the knowlegde of the foundation issue.  The home is to be used as a remodel and once complete will be back on the market, in order for the new homeowner to get full market value for the home the repairs to the foundation had to be completed.  The home had suffered from severe settling, other then the fact that it was sloping down the hillside there were cracks in the interior walls and widows and doors had begun to stick due to the settlement issues.  This type of settling is due to the shift in the soils supporting the foundation, as the California heat shrinks and expands the clay in the supporting soils.  

Using Foundation Supportworks,Inc, Helical Push Piers, Push Piers made of steel and including a set of helical blades on the lower section of the pier.  These piers create a solid supporting base that transfers the weight of the home downwards to strong supporting soils.  The helical piers are mechanically advanced into the soil using small construction equipment or even handheld equipment.  As they are installed to the appropriate depths and capacities, they prevent any future settlement issues.   Once the depths are achieved, heavy duty steel foundation brackets are positioned below and against the foundation footings.  The weight of the home is then transferred through the helical piers to deep competent soils.  Lifting the home back towards its original position is then attempted.  

 After installation of the piers and the lifting is completed the homeowner will notice that the signs of the soil shifting (their stuck doors and windows) will no longer be an issue.  Also, the interior wall cracks will have closed up, so that the interior remodel can take place. 

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