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Commercial Foundations Case Studies: Stabilizing a Warehouse Floor in Coachella

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 by Jennifer Ohlsson


A grocery warehouse that stored dry and chilled fresh foods had a problem. The Coachella warehouse had an issue with rocking slab concrete floors. Whenever forklifts and other large machinery drove over a certain area, the concrete floor rocked and many employees would hear a hollow sound. It was determined that something would need to be injected under the slab in order to stop the rocking and to be sure that product and employees were safer on the job.


Saber came out and diagnosed the issue and the aforementioned solution; that PolyLevel would be the perfect solution to secure the slab floor. The Project Design Specialist also noted many cracks in the same and in other areas of the warehouse that needed to be sealed. Nexus Pro and epoxy were used to seal the cracks neatly and completely, as well as all joints in the slabs in the floors. The warehouse owner and manager were very pleased that their warehouse floor ceased moving and forklifts carrying fresh foods were no longer at risk of toppling. A 2-part gravity-fed epoxy had to be used for the cracks in cold storage, where the temperature was at a constant 34 degrees. The customer was happy that the epoxy was able to dry in the environment, and the seals were clean and smooth.

Project Summary

NexusPro: 72 linear feet

PolyLevel Minimum Zone 3: 12 X 24 slab area, 12 X 18 slab area

Crack Repair by sealing with Gravity Fed Epoxy:

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