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Concrete Lifting & Leveling Case Studies

Double Tree Hotel
A three-story Double Tree hotel was built in the early 1970’s over a former landfill at Berkeley Marina as close as 20 feet from the bay. The brick and concrete structure...
Cracked Concrete in Imperial
Cracking Concrete creates Trip Hazards. Voids are Found. The Concrete is sinking.
Voids Cracking Concrete in Newberry Springs
Concrete Patios and Walkways are Sinking into Voids.
PolyLevel(R) in Palm Springs
Several cracks in a Concrete slab have caused a uneven floor in a bedroom. There is a Void under the floor.
Unstable Patio in Big Bear
A large Void has formed under a Concrete Patio Causing it to crack.
PolyLevel(R) in Big Bear Lake
Cracked Garage Floor is sinking. It has a Void caused by shifting soils under it.
Cracked Foundation in Apple Valley
Large Cracks have been Found in the Foundation. There are Voids under the Foundation, causing it to sink.
Sinking Patio in Ranchita
The Patio is Cracking and Sinking into a Void.
Trip Hazard in Mentone
Trip hazards have formed in the walkways outside of a home. Voids have formed under a few of the concrete slabs. 
Voids Filled in Redlands
Concrete Stairs and Walkways have become Bad Trip Hazards. Large Voids have Formed. 
Trip Hazards in Descanso
Concrete Slabs are Sinking and Cracking in the Garage, and on the Walkways.
Trip Hazards in Nuevo
Cracked Sidewalks are sinking into Voids
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