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Chimney Repair and Street Creep Repair in California

Our foundation repair services can fix any concrete foundation problem

street creep damage

The natural expansion of the street and your driveway can put heavy pressure on your foundation and cause cracking.

If you have damage to your foundation, understanding the cause of the problem and what repair steps to take can be a challenge. The foundation experts at Saber Foundation Repair are here to help you with all your concrete foundation repair needs in Southern CA. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your home, identify the correct cause of your problem, and provide you with a quality solution.

We've dealt with all types of foundation problems throughout the years, including wall and floor cracks, bowing and buckling walls, tilting chimneys, and more. No matter what issue you have, we can restore the safety and stability of your foundation.

If you need any of our foundation repair services, call us today at 1-877-203-4601 or click below to get a free estimate! We offer all our services in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego and throughout the nearby areas.

  • Street Creep Damage

    cracked driveway

    Did you know concrete can expand over time? Thermal expansion and contraction causes concrete to shift over time, including on roadways. Street creep is when the expansion of the road and your driveway puts pressure on your foundation, causing damage to slabs and walls. Street creep will compress expansion joints, cause exterior foundation cracks, and create separation between the garage floor and walls.

    This damage is a slow process that takes place as weather turns from season to season. However, when it does affect your home the damage can be severe. We repair street creep damage through a two-step process. First, we install new expansion joints that will create the space needed between your foundation and other slabs such as your driveway. Second, we will install wall anchors that will return the walls to their original condition and provide stabilization. Combined, these two elements will prevent future street creep damage to your home.

  • Tilting Chimney

    tilting chimney

    If your chimney is tilting or separating from your home, you could have a major foundation issue. Chimney damage is a common sign of poor foundation soils, which can lead to sinking and settling of foundations. This process will cause your chimney to pull away from your home and can lead to additional problems such as a damage to foundation walls. Without the proper support, your chimney will eventually completely separate and fail.

    Sometimes homeowners see a gap between the chimney and the house and choose to simply fill the space with caulk to waterproof it. However, this method ignores the root of the issue and can lead to more significant problems over time. In order to properly repair a tilting chimney, we install helical piers for additional support. These piers are screwed into strong supporting soils beneath the problem area, stabilizing your chimney and potentially returning it to its original position.

We can provide quality repairs for all your foundation problems

If you have street creep damage, a tilting chimney, or any other foundation problem, Saber Foundation Repair can provide you with an appropriate solution. Our experts will inspect your home to determine the best course of action, and we always provide quality installation.

If you need concrete foundation repair services for your home, call us today at 1-877-203-4601 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you. We offer free estimates on all our work in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Glendale, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Oxnard, Chula Vista and throughout the surrounding areas.

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