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In San Diego, California, Saber Foundations was contracted to repair the foundation of a home with severe settlement issues.  This was causing cracks in the slab and interior walls, as well as windows and doors sticking.  The owner was concerned that if not corrected the issue would continue to get worse and the market value of their home would soon be lost.  This type of settling is caused by a shift in the supporting soils, which is mostly due to the high heat of California, causing the clay soils to contract. 

With the push piers, by Foundation Supportworks, Inc, installation is easy and the effects are immediate.  Push piers are easily driven into the ground beneath the home until they hit hard solid supporting soils.  Brackets are attached to the foundation footing to drive the piers in at the right angel and to transfer the lifting from the pier to the homes foundation.  

During the installation, 11 push piers were installed to insure the best results for the lift and future support of the home. These piers was together to transfer the weight of the structure to the strong soils or bedrock below.  After installation, the homeowner will notice that the signs of the soil shifting will no longer be an issue.  The cracks will have closed, and the doors and windows will now close properly.  

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