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Voids under a Patio in Temecula
The Patio is Cracking. Trip Hazards have Formed. Saber's Home Inspection has revealed Soil Shifting and Void Formation under the Patio.
Sliding Support Posts in Lakeside
This home is sliding on it's Foundation and it's Support Posts. Earthquakes have caused this to happen over time.
Trip Hazard on Driveway in Murrieta
Concrete slabs are becoming mis-aligned. These mis-alignments are forming Trip Hazards on the Driveway. Voids have been discovered under the Concrete Slabs.
Filling a Void in Murrieta
Large Void has formed under a Foundation. Doors and windows are sticking.
Trip Hazard in Murrieta
The homeowner has one spot on his driveway, and one spot on the backyard walkway, that are becoming Trip Hazards.
Trip Hazzard in Murrieta
Cracking and shifting in a Patio. Voids have formed. Trip Hazards have Formed.
Fixing Trip Hazards in Riverside
Cracked walkways have become Trip Hazards. Bush and Tree roots are causing this to happen.
Seismic Retrofitting in Riverside
The homeowner wanted Saber to upgrade the home to meet California's seismic construction requirements.
Seismic Strengthening a Older Home in Riverside
A homeowner wants their Home brought up to current California Building Code for Earthquakes.
Fixing Floor Issues in Riverside
Sagging and tilted floors are becoming a Issue. The Support Posts and Floor Joists are Sliding and Starting to Fail.
PolyLevel(R) Eliminates Trip Hazards in Riverside.
Voids have formed under walkways, causing the Concrete Slabs to sink.
Raised foundation in Riverside
A home in Riverside was purchased at auction, sight un-seen. Once the contractor who was sent to remodel the home was able to see the home, he found that the home was suffering...
Push Piers Lift Sinking Foundation in Riverside
Cracking Concrete walkways. Voids are Discovered under the Foundation. This Foundation is sinking.
Helical Piers in Riverside
Walls are cracking. The Chimney is Leaning. Voids need to be filled. The Foundation needs to be Strengthened.
Foundation Piers in Riverside
The owner of the Home Died. The Children want to fix and sell the home. There are cracks in the walls. There are voids under the Foundation.
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