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Deteriorating Support Posts in Riverside
The Floor is sagging, and there are cracks in the walls. Saber's Home Inspection reveals deteriorating Support Posts in the home's Crawlspace.
Real Estate Inspection in Pinon Hills
A Real Estate Investor contacts Saber, because a couple of floor tiles were cracked, in the home. The investor wanted to know if this home had any Foundation Issues.
Sloping Foundation in Dulzura
Home is sloping to one side. The Foundation is Failing. Voids have Formed under one side of the home. Half of the home is sinking. The Foundation is cracking.
Sinking Foundation in Wildomar
Large cracks in Foundation are Spreading. Voids have Formed under the Foundation. The Foundation is sinking.
PolyLevel Quote in Jamul
The Driveway is cracking. The Sidewalk in front of the Driveway is cracking. These cracks have Formed Trip Hazards. Voids have Formed under the Concrete.
Sagging Floor in Escondido
Support Posts are Leaning and Cracked. Eathquakes have caused the home to start sliding on it's Foundation.
PolyLevel(R) Eliminates Trip Hazards in Escondido
Voids under a Pool Deck have created cracked concrete and Trip Hazards. Parts of the Deck are sinking.
Cracked Driveway in Escondido
Cracks in a Driveway that have become Trip Hazards.
PolyLevel Eliminates Trip Hazards
Pool Deck is Cracking and Creating Trip Hazards. Voids have been Located during Saber's Home Inspection.
PolyLevel(R) Eliminates Trip Hazards in El Cajon
Concrete Slabs are Sinking and Shifting on Patio and Walkways. Shifting Soils have formed Voids. 
Concrete Grinding Trip Hazards in El Cajon
Cracked Concrete walkways have become Trip Hazards.
Foundation Piers in El Cajon
Cracks have formed in the walls of a home. The Support Posts in the Crawlspace are sliding on their Bases. Voids have been found under the Home's Foundation.
Seismic RetroFit Support Caps in El Cajon
Floors are Sagging. Support Posts are Leaning, and losing Contact with Support Base and Floor Joist.
Replacing Concrete in Lake Elsinore
Voids under Concrete Entry to the Home. Pavers are coming loose. The Concrete can't be saved by using Saber's PolyLevel Injection Process.
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