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Raul E.'s home in Pasadena, CA had cracks in the foundation, and Raul's bedroom was tilting, so he started to look online for a company to fix the problem. He decided to call Saber due to the great reviews he saw about the company, and he is happy with his choice."The job was done fast , it was done professionally, it was clean, they didn't cut any corners and that is what I like", explains Raul.
Raul E. of Pasadena, CA
Friday, January 20th
Four years ago, Renee noticed some soil erosion around her home in Chino Hills, CA and called us for help. Saber used the PolyLevel™ concrete lifting system to fill the voids and stop the soil from being washed out from underneath the concrete in the affected area. She was very happy with the results. So happy that when a crack appear in the middle of the floor, and the entire front of the house began to sink, she called us again. This time the problem was a but more serious than sinking concrete. The foundation itself need to lifted and stabilized. That was accomplished with our state-of-the-art foundation underpinning system, designed to restore the structural integrity of foundations by supporting it with steel piles, driven into the ground past the problem soil area and down to a strata that can safely support the weight of the house on the long run. In this video Renee speaks about the entire experience she had with Saber. "Their people know what they are doing and they guarantee their work. They will stand by it", says Renee.
Renee B. of Chino Hills, CA
Friday, October 13th
Xian Ying and Karl live in an area of Chino Hills, CA where expansive soils are very prevalent. They were warned about it when they bought their home, but they only realized how bad it was when they actually moved in. Expansive soils swell when they are wet, and shrink during dry periods. That kind of constant soil movement exerts an enormous pressure on foundations that are supported by it. Overtime, floors start to crack, sink or heave, windows and doors begin to stick, and foundation walls may bow or crumble. em, they decided that Saber Foundation was the right one for the job. In this video they talk about the experience with the crew and company. Would they recommend us to their friends? "I wanna make sure that whoever I recommend they are gonna come back and say 'thanks for the recommendation, Karl!'. With Saber I can confidently say that", says Karl.
Xian Ying & Karl of Chino Hills, CA
Friday, October 13th
  One of the corners of Mauricio P.'s home in Torrance, CA was sinking. I had sunk up to 2 inches in some areas in only 6 months. The signs were visible all over the house. There were drywall cracks, especially around windows and doors, and it reached a point where Mauricio had to use a crowbar just to be able to shut the front door. That is when he decided to call Saber for help. In this video he speaks about the experience he had with the company, from the first inspection all the way through the completion of the project. "He literally showed me how the cracks in the house would close up, and, lo and behold, as he was working with his team to elevate the house, I literally saw the cracks in my wall closing up right before my very eyes.", says Mauricio.
Mauricio P. of Torrance, CA
Tuesday, February 21st
I just have to say your guys are AMAZING!!!  They work really hard, no chit chat, do their job, clean up each day and stack and prepare everything on Thursday ready to start work on Monday.   Not only my neighbors have noticed but even people that do their daily walk in the neighborhood have all sung their praises to me.
Ana P. of Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Tuesday, June 25th
Mark was very knowledgeable and helpful!
Carlene S. of Dana, Point, CA
I was very impressed with Mark Cook's Inspection!  I truely do not see how you can improve! Everyone went above and beyond. The guys that did the work were great and tireless workers.  Thank you!
Ann H. of Ocean Beach, CA
Friday, October 4th
Was very impressed with Trevar's knowledge and the time Trevar and Angel took to speak about the installation of the piers and the overall project.  
Mr H. of Mira Mesa, CA
Thursday, November 14th
No complaints.  They were very professional and answered all of my questions. Very Happy with Trevar and his crew!  
Gail M. of Palm Dale, CA
Overall a great job done by professionals, very happy with work performed!
Craig C. of 92629, CA
I am so glad that the job is done; however, I will miss their pleasant company!  
Moinca T. of Carsen, CA
Tuesday, October 14th
Saber got the job done in a timely manner and was professional through out.  Thank you!!
Dennis O. of Sanata Monica, CA
Monday, November 24th
I was with the professional performance of this company. Daniel Gil came to give the estimate. He explained everything and was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Today the crew showed up... Armando is the one I dealt with and he was very professional and friendly. He got the job done sooner then expected and provided pictures of the job for me. I can't say enough good things about your company.
Cheryl H. of 92860, CA
Monday, May 4th
Was very happy with over all work!
Pat D. of Brawley, CA
"The work crew deserve a raise! They were great! Informative, polite, and hard workers. They explained what they were doing and how it works."
Geoff G. of Yucca Valley, CA
Thursday, June 1st
Nothing could have been better on this job.  The crew and work was outstanding!
Mary R. of Desert Hot Springs, CA
Friday, June 6th
This is our second encounter with Saber, but the fist time we actually hired them to do the work. The first time (different house), we noticed the doors weren't shutting correctly, so we called several foundation repair companies to look at the issue and give estimates. They all (except for Saber) told us to spend a ton of money to stabilize the soil on the side of the house that had issues with doors. Then Saber came out, looked in the crawl space under the house, and told us we had a rotten beam under there and to go fix it (about $200). So we did, and this was the end of our "foundation" problems. In our new house, we removed the carpet to install hardwood floors and saw major cracks in the slab, including some with elevation difference between the two parts of the slab. Based on previous experience, we went straight to Saber. The work was done this past week and we are very pleased! Nait and Rick did an excellent job lifting the foundation and repairing the crack, and took care to keep the dust out of the parts of the house that weren't being repaired. They were courteous, answered all the questions, and cleaned up the work area before leaving. Great experience!
Kate S. of Yucaipa, CA
Monday, April 6th
Hemet resident Sonia S. commented. "The reason I chose Saber was that your representative was knowledgable and had a masonry background."
Sonia S. of Hemet, CA
Friday, December 1st
Testimonial Photo by Jeremy B.
This Redlands home needed supports under the crossbeams in the Crawlspace. This picture shows a all metal Smart Jack that was installed.
Jeremy B. of Redlands, CA
Wednesday, August 30th
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