Foundation Repair Customer Testimonial from Xian Ying & Karl in Chino Hills, CA

Xian Ying and Karl live in an area of Chino Hills, CA where expansive soils are very prevalent. They were warned about it when they bought their home, but they only realized how bad it was when they actually moved in. Expansive soils swell when they are wet, and shrink during dry periods. That kind of constant soil movement exerts an enormous pressure on foundations that are supported by it. Overtime, floors start to crack, sink or heave, windows and doors begin to stick, and foundation walls may bow or crumble. em, they decided that Saber Foundation was the right one for the job. In this video they talk about the experience with the crew and company. Would they recommend us to their friends? "I wanna make sure that whoever I recommend they are gonna come back and say 'thanks for the recommendation, Karl!'. With Saber I can confidently say that", says Karl.

- Xian Ying & Karl of Chino Hills, CA
Friday, October 13th

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