Job Stories

Job Stories

PolyLevel (R) and Caulking in Rancho Mirage
Rancho Mirage resident Ronald L. contacted Saber regarding trip hazards in his swimming pool area. Our Project Design Specialist performed a complete evaluation. Our crew used our PolyLevel process to level the cement slabs surrounding the pool. We then caulked the spaces between the slabs. Ronald was satisfied with the completed job and the clean up.
PolyLevel(R) Quote in Cathedral City
Cathedral City resident Rick C. contacted Saber regarding Trip Hazards in his pool deck. Our Project Design Specialist performed a Free Homeowner Inspection of Rick's home. Voids had formed underneath some of the concrete slabs. These slabs were sinking slowly into these voids. Saber recommended our State-of-the-Art PolyLevel Injection Process. We would drill holes through the slabs, fill the voids with Polyurethane, thus lifting the areas that had sunk. Rick received a copy of the inspection report and our quote.
PolyLevel(R) Void Fill in Palm Springs
Palm Springs resident Sylvie contacted Saber regarding water drainage in a area outside of her home seeping into the structure. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a inspection of Sylvie's home. A void had formed under a section of the slab. The section was sinking. This was creating the standing water issue. Saber's crew drilled holes through the concrete slab and into the void. We then filled the void using our State-of-the-Art PolyLevel Injection Process. This lifted the slab and made the slab elevation consistant. This solved the standing water issue and moisture in the home. The attached picture shows the slab after the PolyLevel Injection Process was used. Sylvie was satisfied with the result.
PolyLevel (R) Injection and Push Piers in Barstow
Barstow resident Gayla P. contacted Saber regarding cracks in the interior and exterior walls of her home. Our Project Design Specialist performed a thorough evaluation of Gayla's home. There were voids under the foundation, which was causing the foundation to weaken, and the walls to crack. Our crew used Saber's PolyLevel Injection process to fill the voids under the foundation. We also used Push Piers to lift and strengthen the foundation. Gayla was happy with the completed job, and the clean up.
Push Piers in Big Bear City
Big Bear City resident Rick B. contacted Saber regarding his home's chimney shifting. Rick had already contacted a fireplace contractor to see if his fireplace could be repaired or, if the fireplace had to be replaced. Rick's chimney foundation had a void under it. Saber filled this void by using our PolyLevel injection process. Our crew then installed Push Piers to stabilize the the chimney foundation.
PolyLevel® Used to Level Floor in Big Bear Lake, CA
Big Bear Lake resident Sister Rosemary contacted Saber regarding her home floor not being level. Dan Froehlich did a complete evaluation of the home. Jake Bast, the project forman, and his crew, drilled strategic holes in the foundation, and ground out a crack between the house and the foundation. He was then able to lift and stabilize the room using our state-of-the-art PolyLevel process. Jake's team also took care of all of the additional concrete repairs at the same time. Sister Rosemary was satisfied with the completed work and the cleanup afterward.
Debris Removal from a Crawlspace at Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Lake resident Tim contacted Saber regarding his vacation home. The front door of his home was jammed, and wouldn't open. He also mentioned, that the floors were creaking in his 1940's home, and waking other members his family. Saber's Project Design Specialist completes a thorough and Free Homeowner Inspection. The Floors were tilting and sagging, causing doors to jam and the floors to creak. Saber's crew, cleared the debris from the home's Crawlspace. The attached picture shows a Boulder that Saber removed from the home's crawlspace. This was done to prepare a foundation for installation of Smart Jacks, all metal support posts. The installation of Smart Jacks and all metal Crossbeams gave the floors a contant elevation. This eliminated both issues. Tim was very happy with the result of Saber's work.
Smart Jacks in Ridgecrest
Ridgecrest resident Dana L contacted saber regarding tiles coming loose on her kitchen floor. Our Project Design Specialist performed a thorough survey of Dana's home. Our crew installed all metal Smart Jacks,in the Crawlspace, to lift the sinking kitchen floor. Dana was happy with the completed job and clean up.
PolyLevel and Caulking in Idyllwild
Idyllwild resident Sean E. contacted Saber in regards to cracks in his home's foundation and deck. Our Project Design Specialist performed a complete evaluation of Sean's home. Our crew used Saber's PolyLevel Injection Process to level and strengthen the foundation of Sean's home and deck. The attached picture shows the deck area after it has been leveled, and the cracks have been caulked. Sean was happy with the result of Saber's work and clean up.
Seismic Retrofitting a Home in Banning
Banning resident Pelton T. contacted Saber wanting to Seismic Retrofit his home in 1952.  Our Crew installed Universal Foundation Plates and A35 Framing Angles to strengthen the home's connection to it's foundation. These two products are approved by the California Building Code. Pelto now has peace of mind that his home won't slide off of it's foundation during a earthquake.
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