Job Stories

Job Stories

Raising Slabs and Walkways using PolyLEVELâ„¢
A homeowner in Desert Hot Springs, had noticed several areas around the property that the walkways had become uneven and cause concern to the homeowner due to the fact that the uneven walkways could result in a trip hazard, which could be a hassle for the homeowner in the long run.  The settlement of the slabs and walkways was mostly due to the soils located beneath the foundation, which had settled and caused voids to form in which the slabs began to sink and the walkways became compromised.   The homeowner knew it was time to find a fix for the issue, before the damage became worse.  The homeowner called Saber and set an appointment for a Design Specialist to come out and evaluate the property.  The Design Specialist proposed that the slabs and walkways be lifted and raised using PolyLEVEL™.  The homeowner was pleased with the proposal and was ready to get started on the project.  The crew from Saber was scheduled to come out and repair the foundation.  The crew began by coring penny sized holes in the slabs in the areas that would be lifted and stabilized.  The PolyLEVEL™ was then injected into the holes and the slab began to rise and level.  The whole process was rather quick and the cure time was just minutes, much less then the time it would have taken had the homeowner chosen to replace the sinking slabs. 
PolyLevel (R) and Concrete Grinding in Palm Desert
Palm Desert Aquatic Center employee Kim W. contacted Saber regarding trip hazards. There were cracks and unlevel concrete in the walking areas of their swimming pool. Our Project Design Specialist performed a complete evaluation of this property. Our crew ground and filled the cracked areas. We then used our PolyLevel process to make the concrete walking areas level. Kim was satisfied with the completed job and the clean up.
PolyLevel (R) and Caulking in Rancho Mirage
Rancho Mirage resident Ronald L. contacted Saber regarding trip hazards in his swimming pool area. Our Project Design Specialist performed a complete evaluation. Our crew used our PolyLevel process to level the cement slabs surrounding the pool. We then caulked the spaces between the slabs. Ronald was satisfied with the completed job and the clean up.
Pool Deck Cracks Sealed in Rancho Mirage
A homeowner in Rancho Mirage noticed cracks in their concrete pool deck and called out Saber Foundation Repair to conduct a free, no-obligation inspection.   The homeowner told the design specialist they lived in the home for a little more than a decade and the started noticing the cracks around four years ago. They wanted the issue fixed so the problem didn't get worse or more expensive to fix overtime.   The design specialist recommended sealing their concrete joints - or intentional cuts in the concrete - along with the cracks that appeared as the slabs started sinking. The homeowner agreed this would be the best way to fix their issue.   The Saber crews used NexusPro to seal the cracks. NexusPro is a concrete sealant from Supportworks, and is exclusively available to Saber in the southern California area.
PolyLevel(R) Quote in Cathedral City
Cathedral City resident Rick C. contacted Saber regarding Trip Hazards in his pool deck. Our Project Design Specialist performed a Free Homeowner Inspection of Rick's home. Voids had formed underneath some of the concrete slabs. These slabs were sinking slowly into these voids. Saber recommended our State-of-the-Art PolyLevel Injection Process. We would drill holes through the slabs, fill the voids with Polyurethane, thus lifting the areas that had sunk. Rick received a copy of the inspection report and our quote.
Foundation Failing in North Palm Springs
North Palm Springs resident Daniel D. contacted Saber regarding the cracking of the concrete floors in his home. Our Project Design Specialist found voids under the Foundation. The Foundation was sinking. We recommended Foundation Pier installation to Lift and Strengthen The Foundation. Filling the voids with Polyurethane would further Stabilize the Foundation. Daniel did receive a copy of his Home Inspection Report.
Cracked Foundation in Mountain Center
Mountain Center resident Matthew Z. contacted Saber regarding cracks that he was noticing in his foundation and his back deck. His home was built in 1964. Our Project Design Specialist performed a Free Homeowner Inspection. Voids were causing areas of the foundation to sink. This was creating cracks in the concrete and some of the reinfored steel I Beams. Saber recommended installing a Foundation Pier System. This would lift the areas that had sunk and give the foundation a consistant elevation. Matthew now has a copy of Saber's two hour inspection report, and a quote to fix this issue.
Weak Foundation in Trona
Trona resident Merle I. contacted Saber regarding cracks in a home that he was selling. Saber's Project Design Specialist found voids causing Foundation Cracking during his inspection of the home. Saber recommended installing Helical Piers to Lift and Strengthen the Foundation. The we recommended filling the voids with Polyurethane to Stabilize the home. Merle received a written copy of Saber's Home Inspection.
PolyLevel(R) Void Fill in Palm Springs
Palm Springs resident Sylvie contacted Saber regarding water drainage in a area outside of her home seeping into the structure. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a inspection of Sylvie's home. A void had formed under a section of the slab. The section was sinking. This was creating the standing water issue. Saber's crew drilled holes through the concrete slab and into the void. We then filled the void using our State-of-the-Art PolyLevel Injection Process. This lifted the slab and made the slab elevation consistant. This solved the standing water issue and moisture in the home. The attached picture shows the slab after the PolyLevel Injection Process was used. Sylvie was satisfied with the result.
PolyLevel (R) Injection and Push Piers in Barstow
Barstow resident Gayla P. contacted Saber regarding cracks in the interior and exterior walls of her home. Our Project Design Specialist performed a thorough evaluation of Gayla's home. There were voids under the foundation, which was causing the foundation to weaken, and the walls to crack. Our crew used Saber's PolyLevel Injection process to fill the voids under the foundation. We also used Push Piers to lift and strengthen the foundation. Gayla was happy with the completed job, and the clean up.
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