Job Stories

Job Stories

Fixing a Cracked Concrete Foundation in Apple Valley
Apple Valley resident Jack T. contacted Saber regarding cracking in the concrete slab Foundation of his home. He had previously tried to repair this issue himself, by trying to grind the concrete. This didn't level the Foundation like he hoped. Jack told Saber that he was looking for a permanent solution to this issue. Our Project Design Specialist performed a thorough inspection, and provided a written evaluation of how to fix this issue. The soils had shifted under the slab. This had created voids. Parts of the slab were sinking, which was causing the cracking. The attached picture shows the home's foundation before we started our work. Saber's Crew drilled holes through the slab and into the voids. Then, using Saber's State-of-the-Art PolyLevel Injection Process, we filled the voids with polyurethane. This raised the areas of the slab that had sunk. Now the entire home Foundation had a constant elevation.  Jack was pleased with the results. Saber had solved his problem, and gave him peace of mind.
Smart Jacks in Julian
Julian resident Gary C. contacted Saber regarding uneven floors in his home. Our Project Design Specialist performed a thorough inspection of Gary's home. Our crew installed Smart Jacks in the home's Crawlspace.  Gary was saisfied with the result and the clean up.
PolyLevel (R) in Helendale, Ca
Helendale property owners Christine and Rosemary contacted Saber regarding a commercial property that they own. The walls had exterior and interior cracks and the doors and windows were sticking in the units. There were also cracks in the garage floor. our project design specialist did a full evaluation of this building. Our crews removed and replaced the concrete in the parking area. We added rebar to the push pier system that was installed. Last of all, we used our state-of-the-art PolyLevel process to level the uneven parts of the foundation. Christine and Rosemary were satisfied with the changes and the clean up.  
Drainage issues in Yucaipa
Yucaipa resident Wallace contacted Saber regarding drainage issues on his property. After rains, he would have standing water in the back and on the sides of his home. Our Project Design Soecialist performed a thorough inspection. The Foundation hadn't been affected yet. Saber's crew dug trenches and installed French Drains and and lines to connect the drains. The standing water issue was resolved. Wallace was happy with the results and the clean up.
Drainage, Stabilization, and Concrete Leveling with PolyLevel® in Beaumont
Diana M, from Beaumont, contacted Saber Foundation Repair regarding a drainage problem with her home.  Sales representative Dan Froehlich performed a complete evaluation. The job foreman, Richard Whitehead, fixed the drainage problem by adding drains. Then the garage and driveway were stabilized, and sealed using our state-of-the-art PolyLevel process.  Diana was satisfied with the job results and the cleanup after the job was done.  
PolyLevel (R) in Running Springs
Running Springs resident Michael S. contacted Saber regarding trip hazards on the front porch of his home. Our project Design Specialist completed a thorough inspection of Michael's home. The concrete slabs of his front porch were sinking. Our crew used Saber's State-of-the-Art PolyLevel Injection Processs to lift the sinking slabs and level the porch.  Michael was satisfied with the completed job and the clean up.
PolyLevel (R) and Crack Repair in Calimesa
Calimesa resident Jackie H contacted Saber regarding trip hazards on her patio. Our Project Design Specialist performed a complete evaluation. Out crew leveled the patio using our PolyLevel process. We also repaired the cracks using Nexus. Jackie was happy with the completed job and clean up. 
PolyLevel (R) in San Jacinto, Ca
San Jacinto resident John M contacted Saber regarding drainage problems around his tennis court and uneven decking for his swimming pool. Our project design specialist performed a full evaluation of this property. We leveled the tennis court and swimming pool decking using our state-of-the-art PolyLevel process. We also installed drains around the tennis court. John was satisfied with the job and the clean up.
PolyLevel (R) in Lake Arrowhead
Lake Arrowhead resident James A. contacted Saber in regards to cracks in the exterior walls of his home. Our Project Design Specialist performened a thorough evaluation of James's home. Our crew used the PolyLevel Injection Process to level the foundation and stopped more cracks from appearing. James was happy with the results and the clean up.
PolyLevel (R) in Victorville
Victorville resident James K. contacted Saber regarding trip hazards on the patio and walkway concrete slabs at his home. Saber's Project Design Specialist conducted a thorough inspection of James' home. The earth was settling under the concrete, thus creating voids. This was also happening with the home's foundation. Saber's crew used our PolyLevel Injection Process to fill all of the voids and stop the settling issues. James was happy with the outcome and the clean up. The attached picture shows a Saber team member injecting PolyLevel.
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