Case Studies

Foundation Repair Case Studies

Foundation Piers in Riverside
The owner of the Home Died. The Children want to fix and sell the home. There are cracks in the walls. There are voids under the Foundation.
Strengthening a Foundation in Imperial
Cracks that are spreading throughout the walls. Voids have formed under the home's Foundation. The Foundation is sinking.
Shifting Soils in Thermal
Cracked Concrete Patio is sinking into a Void. The Home's Foundation is also sinking into Voids.
Cracked Foundation in Indian Wells
Cracks running through Foundation are found while homeowners remodel their home. Saber's Project Design Specialist performed a complete inspection of the Home. The Foundation...
Quoting a Foundation Repair in Palm Desert
This home has a crack slab and needs some leveling. Homeowner wants an estimate to do the work
Finished Concrete Floor is Cracking in North Palm Springs Home
The interior finished concrete floor is cracking. Voids have formed, and the Foundation is sinking.
Sinking Foundation in Mountain Center
This Home's Foundation is Sinking. Cracks are appearing, and the walls are starting to Torque. Soils have shifted, and Voids have Formed.
Sinking Foundation in Trona
The Home is sinking into Voids. The outside walls of the home are seperating.
Leaning Yard Walls in Big Bear City
The Block Wall surrounding the yard is seperating, cracking, and leaning. Shifting Soils have Formed Voids under the walls.
Cracking Walls in Big Bear Lake
Walls are cracking. The Windows and Doors aren't opening and closing properly. Voids under the Foundation have caused it to sink.
Fireplace Issues in Idyllwild
The Heavy Rock Fireplace is Leaning away from the Home. It is seperating from the Home. Voids have Formed under the Fireplace. The Fireplace is sinking.
Seismic Retrofitting in Banning
The Homeowner wants his older Home brought up to Current California Eartquake Building Code.
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